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Right now, you are making preparations for your proposal of marriage to her. DiamondsByMe is honored by the fact that you wish to have this special occasion marked by a handmade memoire ring, created by our goldsmiths.

A symbolic proposal with a Memoire Ring

A memoire ring is a perfect choice, and you will definitely score high marks. Not only because of the luxurious appearance of this type of ring, but also because of its symbolic meaning. Each stone set in a memoire ring represents those special memories you created together. And not only those, but also the memories that have yet to be created.

Passion for the trade

Our team of designers and artisan goldsmiths are passionate about their trade and will gladly advise you in making the right choice for your engagement ring. They will make your ring absolutely unique, by using ancient goldsmith techniques, and modern and innovative technology. Each ring is carefully created by hand. And because we do not maintain any stock, because each ring is created only when ordered, you can be sure that you will not see your ring worn by anyone else.

Not only this, but we also believe in sustainable trade, meaning our precious metals and gemstones come from sustainable resources and conflict-free mines. DiamondsByMe is proud to call itself member of the RJC, the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Diamond Memoire Rings

An engagement ring wearing one or more sparkling diamonds is sure to take the happy receiver’s breath away. DiamondsByMe only sets diamonds of the finest quality, and we have a variety of beautiful white, black and brown diamonds available. Only the best will do for our diamond memoire engagement rings.

Because eventually our natural resources will dry up, and natural diamonds will become harder to find, DiamondsByMe has become an ambassador for the lab grown diamond. The lab grown diamond may be lab created, but it is however a genuine diamond, with all the same characteristics. Not only that, it is less invasive to Mother Earth. In other words, eco-friendlier. So if you and your loved one have a passion for Mother Earth and would like to express this, then why not choose a lab grown diamond for your diamond memoire ring? Each diamond of 0,3 carats or more will be accompanied by a GIA or HRD certificate. On this certificate you can see the exact specifics of the diamond you purchased, like our standard quality of XXXN. If you purchase a lab grown diamond that has a IGI certificate, then the certificate will mention the fact that this diamond was lab created. This will assure you that your diamond is genuine, and of the finest quality.

Design your own Memoire Ring

Now that we have told you some of our trade secrets, we would like to invite you to try our online configurator and compile your very own memoire ring. In our configurator you can adjust each design to suit your partner’s style and taste. You can choose your preferred precious stone. So, if you prefer something else than diamond, why not choose sapphire, ruby, or a beautiful aquamarine?

Next you can choose your type of metal, and if you choose gold, the color. Our choice of materials are silver, gold and platinum memoire rings. If gold is your metal of choice, then we offer three colors: white gold memoire rings, rose gold and the classic yellow gold. Of course, the color of the gold is really something to consider:

  • Rose gold memoire rings are becoming more popular each year. The warm color is extraordinary, especially when it contrasts with the cool shimmer of a diamond, or with a white gold setting. Another beautiful color combo is rose gold with brown diamond. One of our absolute favorites.
  • A white gold engagement ring is as timeless as she is. The silvery white of the gold reminds us of days gone by, whereas our modern designs make the white gold memoire ring something suited for the nowaday woman.
  • And then there is the classic gold memoire ring. Just as timeless as the white gold version, but with a warmer color tone. This type of ring has luxurious written all over it. Especially if you choose a two-tone combination of yellow and white gold, with sparkling diamonds.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that as soon as you make your decision, our goldsmiths will create an extraordinary ring. Something you will proudly give her as you go down on one knee.