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It’s the most special day of your lives; it’s the most important piece of jewelry she’ll ever wear. When it’s time to say forever, DiamondsByMe is there for you and your loved one. Find your perfect women’s wedding ring in our beautiful and extensive collection.

Some of the earliest jewelry is traced back to Ancient Egypt, and women’s wedding rings are no exception. Other early civilisations followed suit, and the practice has been commonplace in Western society ever since. Early wedding rings were in fact made of reeds and symbolized eternity with their neverending circular shape. The ancient Egyptians believed that there was a vein that connected the heart and the third finger of the left hand, giving us the classic ring finger placement. Wedding rings have traveled through many evolutions in terms of band style, the fashion for gold and finally the double ring exchange which came to prominence in 20th century Europe.

DiamondsByMe’s range of women’s wedding rings includes these traditional, modern, contemporary and avant garde styles. Use our innovative online design tool to customize or create your ultimate ring, including over 20 stone colors, 12 cuts, and five types of metal. We don’t keep any stock onsite in our dedicated studio, so every piece is made to order using sustainable and responsibly-sourced materials. For when it matters, make something that’s perfected by you, crafted by us.

Engagement rings for women

Ask that most important question with a ring entirely your own. Whether you customize or create your own engagement ring, every element will be handpicked and crafted just for you using ancient goldsmith techniques, informed by our specialist design processes.

Our engagement rings for women range from the classic solitaires of Isa and Tiffy, with their raised, brilliant cut diamonds; to the vintage Anamaria and modern Theresia. Choose an intricately engraved design with a colored stone, or a classic diamond. Express your loved one’s individuality with the a split band, or experiment with two tone metals as a representation of your bond. If you love the Lady Diana and Kate Middleton engagement ring with its central sapphire and opulent diamond surround, our Margien is the ultimate tribute.

Diamond rings for women

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and they’re ours too - so much so that they’re in our name. It’s the ultimate way to show the strength of your love and connection, and DiamondsByMe wants to be there to share it with you. Simply choose diamonds in our stone selector and see which of our gorgeous designs is the one for your beloved.

Women’s wedding rings sets

All of our wedding rings come in pairs, so you can show your personality whilst carrying a piece of each other with you, always.

Our women’s wedding rings sets range from traditional rounded, polished bands in gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum, to thicker, brushed metal styles. there’s no need to limit stones to the ring, why match the opulence and add a central stone or subtle pave diamonds to the band?

Unique wedding bands for women

At DiamondsByMe we make every piece to order, just for you. Every element is chosen and customized from a nearly endless range of designs, so we think all of our pieces are unique. However, there are some exciting and innovative ways that you can really keep your loved one by your side, near or far.

We love our fingerprint wedding bands for women. All we need is a high resolution image of the print, and we can resize, place and engrave your design. Our bespoke handwriting and heartbeat designs work in the same way. Another beautiful tribute is the split ring, with its rough edged band symbolizing two halves of the same whole, just like you.

Gold rings for women

Gold has been the traditional precious metal used for wedding bands. It’s luxurious, easy to shape and conveys the ultimate strength of your bond. Use our unique in the world online tool to browse our entire range in gold, seeing your changes in real time for a true-to-life representation of the design to help you find your perfect ring. Just because you’re going the traditional route, it doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate modern features. Try brushed metal, overlapping shoulders and twisted bands to bring the classic precious metal up to date.