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Bangles are a fun yet sophisticated way to show your style. With DiamondsByMe’s collection, you’re sure to find something that suits who you are, and if not, you can design one! Our range of bangles is no different to the rest of our jewelry - you can choose, customize, or design your bangles entirely using our unique online design tool.

Bangles are different from bracelets in that they are rigid and open or closed, either as one piece or with a hinge. The style has been found to have been in use as far back as 2600 BC. Bangles can be an important piece of an Indian bride’s wedding jewelry, with the particular significance varying widely. It has also been found in Mayan and Roman cultures as well. In fact, it’s one of the oldest types of jewelry in existence.

Find your perfect bangles in our collection. DiamondsByMe is the first company to provide a fully online design and customization service. Perfected by you. Crafted by us.

Bangle bracelets

Bangle bracelets offer a slightly different, more delicate style, more like a traditional bracelet and not as rigid. Bracelets can really be any jewelry that is worn around the wrist, sometimes being used to hold other items such as charms. Typically, they feature chain links, decorations, stones and clasps, and are more delicate than bangles.

One of our classic bangle bracelet styles is the Trix Tennis Bracelet. The Tennis Bracelet actually did originate on the court when a prolific player lost her in-line diamond bracelet during a match in 1987. Play was suspended whilst she looked for it and the Tennis Bracelet was born. It is usually a bracelet made of small, individual, uniform diamonds and a clasp. DiamondsByMe’s Trix features diamonds in rounded white gold settings.

Gold bangles

Gold has a history in jewelry long enough to match bangles, so the two make natural partners. Browse our collection of gold bangles or customize any of our designs to include the metal of your choice. One of our favorite gold bangle designs is the modern and bold Carrie. It’s a wide, thick, squared off band, with alternate diamonds and cross pattern, inlaid and in-line with the bangle.

Always popular is DiamondsByMe’s Initial bracelet. Featuring a delicate gold chain holding a gold disc and diamond encrusted letter, it’s the perfect gift or treat for yourself to show your style.

Diamond bangle

Our diamond bangles range from tennis bracelet, full diamond styles, to bangles featuring a few inset diamonds.

The Jenny bangle is a classic diamond bangle style. It is rigid, with a clasp, while the entire bangle is made up of stone settings with no band visible. The beauty of this diamond bangle is that you can choose to alternate any two stones or go for one complete look.

We love the Myrthe for a unique and modern ring-style look. The Myrthe diamond bangle has a thick, squared-off gold band, rearing up to a prong diamond setting and an inlaid row of diamonds on the shoulders. The bangle opens fully via a central hinge.

White gold Bangles

White gold bangles will never go out of style, either as a collection on your wrist, or one delicate, classic gift.
While any of our bangles can be customized to be made from white gold, we think the Simone and Karisma bracelets suit it perfectly. Their small diamond, Tennis Bracelet style, shows off the white gold as the predominant feature, yet complements the brilliance of the diamonds.

For a bit more of a white gold look, how about the Mandi, with large stones set in open-ended, circular white gold settings. You get the traditional look of a chain link and diamonds, with a modern update.

Take a look at the Sheryl for a modern, half white gold, half yellow gold update. A lovely style for a present to a loved one to symbolize partnership.

Rose Gold Bangles

The bronze, sun-kissed beauty of rose gold is in fashion at the moment, becoming especially popular during the summer. Rose gold is actually made from a mixture of yellow gold, copper and silver, which combine to create its soft pink color. With DiamondsByMe’s unique online design tool, we can make your perfect rose gold bangle.

As rose gold is such a delicate color, chunky styles such as the Carrie work well and won’t overpower. The initial bracelets are another pretty and modern choice in a rose gold bangle. Mirthe and Desire, with their ring-style setting and stone in-line shoulders, add a brilliance to the softness of rose gold bangles.