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Eternity rings

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Eternity rings are the ultimate way to say forever. They’re the gift that’s a sign of your everlasting bond, your eternal love and devotion. Give an eternity ring to your partner for a relationship milestone, anniversary, or just when you want to show how you feel.

Eternity rings began around the middle of the 20th century, in the 1960s. The jewelry company De Beers popularized the tradition as a way to showcase smaller diamonds. The typical look of an eternity ring is for the entire band to lined with equally-sized stones. This never-ending trail of diamonds symbolizes forever.

DiamondsByMe is here for you for every occasion, and we have a beautiful collection of eternity rings for you to choose from. Diamonds are the typical choice, but you can choose any stone and with our online design tool it couldn’t be easier. Select the stone and metal of your choice and instantly see how it looks in your design. Our methods are the first of their kind in the Netherlands, and harness old and new goldsmith techniques to bring you the ultimate in well-priced, sustainable, stylish jewelry. We don’t keep stock, so all our eternity rings are made to order, just for you.

Eternity band

The eternity band is what makes the ring what it is. It’s the composition of the stones around the outer edge which symbolize your eternal bond. The band itself looks beautiful in any metal. Platinum, gold or white gold is a popular choice as its bright white shine adds to the brilliance of the diamonds, providing a fitting backdrop. However, yellow gold and other metals give a luxurious, traditional look.

In terms of design, the band itself can be a thicker background for the stones, as with our Elvire range; or a fully pave rounded band as in the Emely range. The stones are inlaid within the eternity band itself. If you want to enhance the look further, the triple-wide band of the Alicia contains the row of pave diamonds, with a band either side, and even a central setting for ultimate opulence. For a delicate look, how about the Rufina, where the stones’ settings themselves make up the band. With this design you can even alternate the types of stone or go for a uniform look.

Diamond eternity rings

Diamonds are forever, so they’re the perfect addition to the symbol of your everlasting bond. We love the modern look of the Margje and Swinda, with their collection of plain and pave overlapping bands. For a more traditional diamond eternity ring, how about the Jorinda, with an oval stone, surrounded by smaller ones set on its pave band.

Alternative styles for diamond eternity rings include the Sharri and Latoria ranges, with two pave bands, set wide apart and joined by a cross or circle; or the Cara, with a row of diamonds, a plain band, and a central, round diamond setting.

Rose gold, and its summery, warm, blush tone is becoming increasingly popular. As a mixture, or alloy, the metal is made by combining yellow gold and copper; more of the reddish metal will give it a pinker tone. A rose gold eternity ring is a beautiful alternative to the traditional precious metals.

As an alternative style eternity ring to showcase the rose gold, the Dani, Nikki and Vera ranges feature no stones, but have tiny, uniform spheres and hearts all the way around to make up the band. Another style that looks beautiful as a rose gold eternity ring is the Jessica. The pave diamond bands flank a carved and engraved design through the middle, featuring yet more stones. The rose gold enhances the traditional feel of the intricate, vintage design.

Sapphire eternity rings

Deep blue sapphires have always evoked the feeling of royalty and luxury, so a sapphire eternity ring is a wonderful way to say forever. Typical precious metals to feature with this stone are platinum and white gold as the colder tones complement the blue of the sapphires. Designs such as Shila feature traditional silver-colored metals, in a double band covered in diamonds, with a raised, central sapphire surrounded by stones. Or perhaps the Sanne, with a carved band and round stone inlaid in your perfect sapphire eternity ring.

An Eternity ring created by DiamondsByMe

An Eternity ring created by DiamondsByMe will give you the assurance that it's not mass produced. Each and every Eternity engagement ring DiamondsByMe offers is unique, and made to order.
Thanks to the efforts of our craftsmen, the use of the newest technology, and working with the highest quality materials, you will be sure you will receive an Eternity ring of exceptional quality.
Declaring your eternal love is not something you do every day, and that is why this should be a special moment. At this moment it is of vital importance, you of course choose an Eternity engagement ring that will make the symbol of love tangible.

Designing your engagement ring

We will proudly acquaint you with to possibilities we offer in regards to creating your ring. Firstly we offer you the opportunity to personalize the Eternity ring of your choice. Secondly, at DiamondsByMe you can have your very own design created in precious metal.
For both options we offer free engraving at the inside of the ring.

  • Personalize: Personalizing means you select your preferences on our website. You can choose the color of your precious metal – like for instance an Eternity ring made in rose gold – and the size and color of your precious stone. We offer you a wide variety of stones, like amethyst, ruby or emerald. Diamond is possible as well. But sometimes you don't have the difficulty of choosing, because we offer rings that can be set with different types of stones. Like for instance a combination of sapphire for the center stone, and diamonds for the side stones. This choice depends on the type of ring you choose. The only thing you have to do next is choose the correct size.
  • Own design: Having your very own design created is something DiamondsByMe offers as well. Let your imagination run wild in designing your very own Eternity ring in rose gold or another color of your choosing. We will gladly assist you, and discuss the possibilities. Based on your ideas we will create you a design which we have no doubt will happily surprise you.