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Men's rings with fingerprint

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Ideal for a unique wedding band or Father’s Day gift, there is nothing more personal than fingerprint jewelry. Simply take your fingerprints at your convenience in your own home, send them to us and DiamondsByMe will create a bespoke men’s ring with fingerprint you won’t find anywhere else. We have a wide range of beautiful fingerprint ring designs for you to choose as a base before adding your own print. These can be personalized with precious metal type, gemstone or unique engraving, for a ring which symbolizes your relationship perfectly but won’t break your budget.

Fingerprint Jewelry

Our team of expert jewelers will create your bespoke piece of fingerprint jewelry, ensuring it has the finest of details for an exclusive finish. Not only are our jewelers highly-experienced goldsmiths who use traditional methods, we also have access to state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to create any personalized jewelry at a price which is fair and competitive. Fingerprint jewelry is the perfect choice for a highly personal gift with extra special meaning, whether you choose to incorporate your own fingerprints of those of your children.

Perfect for men, DiamondsByMe fingerprint jewelry allows you to create a bespoke piece which is full of sentimental value without looking too feminine. Our designs range from the classic and subtle to the luxurious and extravagant, so you can pick the ideal fingerprint jewelry for the special man in your life. Not only is our fingerprint jewelry for men great for confirming your commitment on your wedding day, you could choose to surprise your partner on his first Father’s Day with a special ring featuring the fingerprint of your first-born child, a gift which you can both cherish forevermore.

How to Take Your Fingerprint

Getting your fingerprint to us is surprisingly easy, you can do this within your own home without the need for any special tools or kits. We ask that you use one of the following methods to get the best results.

Ink and Paper

  • The simplest and most effective method of the two, place the finger you would like to use onto an ink pad before pressing lightly onto a clean sheet of white paper. You do not need to roll or move the finger around, one press is all we need to create your perfect piece of fingerprint jewelry.
  • Pencil and Tape

  • Alternatively, use a soft writing pencil to gently color your finger in before placing lightly on a piece of clear sticky tape. Again, one flat press is enough for us for us to get a matching fingerprint.
  • Once you have the perfect copy of your print, simply scan and send to us and we will begin to create your unique fingerprint jewelry.

    Ideal to be worn as wedding or engagement jewelry, our extensive selection of men’s rings with fingerprints feature traditional plain gold bands or bicolor, textured precious metals. Your prints can be cast on silver or gold for a long-lasting, exclusive finish or opt for rose gold for an on-trend look.

    Fingerprint Engagement Rings

    Display your love to the rest of the world with a set of matching fingerprint engagement rings. Designed in complementing pairs, both partners will always have a part of their loved one with them, symbolizing the promise they’ve made to each other. Not only is this one of the most personal types of engagement ring available, our matching sets are simply stunning, featuring a variety of beautiful designs to suit any taste. Women can opt for a smaller version of the groom-to-be’s fingerprint engagement ring or may want to add a feminine touch with a solitaire diamond or other precious stone.

    Fingerprint Men’s Wedding Bands

    Men’s wedding bands can sometimes be difficult to buy with most retailers offering standard plain bands but no freedom to express personality or reflect style. DiamondsByMe are different; we offer matte and polished gold and platinum bands to suit every man, allowing for the addition of a personal engraving, alteration of materials or design feature of your very own fingerprint. Not only do we have a range of fingerprint men’s wedding bands available in a variety of styles, our team of highly-skilled jewelers can also create your own design from scratch, offering a luxury bespoke service at a fraction of the normal price.