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Earrings are an elegant, beautiful adornment and make the perfect gift or treat for yourself. They’re a unique way to show your personality and are easy to wear, matching all clothing styles. DiamondsByMe has an extensive collection of earrings you can customize or design to make your own.

Earrings and ear piercing are among the oldest types of body modification, dating back over a thousand years. Pierced ears were popular with the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, with hoops being a popular style. Earrings have been symbolic, traditional and religious over history, becoming a common fashion item since the mid-20th Century.

At DiamondsByMe, our collection of earrings ranges from studs, to hoops, to drop earrings to the classic diamond. We’ve got something for every style and taste, all designed and made in our dedicated studio using the latest sustainable production methods. Our unique online earrings design and customization process is the first of its kind in the world, offering you the chance to create your perfect pair. You can choose between many different gemstones and metals like gold, white gold and platinum.

Diamond earrings

Diamond earrings are a classic item of jewelry, a gift treasured by all. Our range of diamond earrings styles can be customized to feature the metal of your choice, and any of our stones can be swapped for the brilliance of a diamond.

Our Cheree’s are an ornate pair, featuring a dropped central stone of your choice. Diamonds surround the main stone and cover the stud piece. If you’re looking for diamond earrings, there’s no questioning their classic look. For a modern diamond earrings look, how about the Corina, with their jagged, elongated gold triangles topped with diamonds; or the Juliette, with three tiny diamonds suspended between asymmetrical gold and white gold twists.

Stud earrings

Studs are the simplest, easiest way to wear earrings, yet can still showcase your style. Stud earrings are as classic and traditional as any of the other styles, and are probably the most common type. You can’t go wrong with these as a present for a loved one or a chic way to add to an outfit.

Our Shemika style stud earrings are fun yet simple. Try them with peridot for a bright and fun look, or garnet for something understated. With our online tool you can instantly see how all our stone choices will look in your pair of stud earrings. These are set in a simple gold, or metal of your choice, round setting, so it’s really the stone that stands out. If you like your stones bigger, try Jodi, or Cornelia Heart for a sweet-shaped update.

Diamond stud earrings

Diamond stud earrings are the classic, timeless stud look. They’re the gift every woman wants to receive, treasured for a lifetime. A stylish, elegant update to any look - at home on the catwalk, aisle or the red carpet. DiamondsByMe has an extensive range of diamond stud earrings, for the pair everyone is looking for.

Isa and Julia are small, simple pairs, where the diamonds take center stage in minimal pronged settings. Fran features larger, round diamonds, still allowing the brilliance of the stones to catch the light on all sides. For tiny diamond studs try Jannette, Sam or Somer. If you want to make a statement, Bonita boasts a flower-shaped cluster, while Richelle is an innovative cross-shaped design.

Hoop earrings

Every woman needs a pair of hoop earrings in her jewelry box. They’re one of the most historical looks, with the simple look never going out of style. You can keep it really plain and sophisticated for a fully versatile pair of hoop earrings, or add some decoration. With DiamondsByMe’s collection there’s something for every occasion and options to make them your own.

For the classic hoop earrings look, we love the Tristan with their thick band, and some dot engraving for interest. Shakita showcases a more ornate look, with two-tone metal and a tiny line of uniform stones. Another way to wear the classic hoop earrings style is with half or asymmetrical hoops. Glady features half hoops with a tapered, squared-off band, filled with alternating color or uniform stones to your taste.

Drop earrings

If there’s one type that springs to mind with classic decorative styles it’s the drop earrings. They offer movement and interest, and allow any stones to catch even more light. Drop earrings look instantly elegant and with DiamondsByMe’s range, you’re sure to find your perfect pair.

Laurie is a timeless, pear-shaped stone drop earrings style. Just a simple hook and stone of your choice; instantly choose and see your favorite with our customization tool. In the same range, take the look up a gear with a stud and longer chain to create even more movement and show off the stones. For something more versatile, the Idalia feature an ornate, intricate cut-out pattern and a tiny central stone.