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Diamond earrings are sure to shine the brightest. That is why diamond earrings are so popular. At DiamondsByMe we offer a wide range of diamond studs, drop earrings and hoop earrings. All these exclusive earrings can be ordered online in a safe environment.Why choose diamonds from DiamondsByMe?
There are several reasons:

  • We use only conflict free diamonds
  • We offer the highest quality at the best price
  • You can personalize each set of exclusive earrings online
  • You have the possibility to have your own diamond earrings designed
  • We offer a 60 day return policy (not for custom orders)

Your choice of over 50.000 diamonds!

At DiamondsByMe we offer you a choice of over 50.000 diamonds. Each diamond of 0,3 carat or more comes with a certificate.

Also, you can personalize your earrings to suit your own taste in our online jewelry configurator. Here you can choose your gemstone, the size of the stones, and the precious metal like white gold, gold and platinum. The possibilities are endless.
Choose for diamonds set in a pair of drop earrings, with graceful and fine lines. Or choose a set that is striking and fierce.
Consider combining the diamonds with other precious stones for an even more stunning result!

And that is not all! If you are having trouble finding your perfect set of exclusive earrings online or in stores? Then why not design your very own set? Our experts will gladly assist you in designing the earrings you always dreamed of. At DiamondsByMe you can be sure you will have the earrings with gemstones of your dreams. For more choice you can also check out our birthstone earrings collection.

Why diamond earrings?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. A pair of beautiful diamond earrings is sure to make you feel special, and boost your confidence.
Getting your first set of earrings can be exciting, and a first step on your way to adulthood. For many women earrings are part of their daily attire from a young age. They complete an outfit and steal the show. It's always nice to receive complements regarding the earrings we wear.

Earrings are perfect to express yourself in an elegant, chic and fashionable way!

Order your diamond set of bridal earrings online

For those of you getting married, finding the perfect dress is always a special moment. But your look will not be complete without a set of matching bridal earrings. Our experts will be happy to help you choose your bridal earrings online by using our configurator. We will always keep in mind your style for the big day.

For instance, if you opt for a complete set of bridal jewelry, containing earrings, a necklace and a bracelet, then we will more than likely advise you to keep the earrings small and simple. Will you wear a set without a necklace? Then make a statement with a pair of large and striking drop earrings. Will you be wearing your hair up, then a pair of small diamond pendants will be perfect for you. Finish your bridal attire with a set of sparkling bridal earrings you can order online.

Did you find the ultimate set of bridal earrings with us? Or did you design the set completely yourself?

At DiamondsByMe we offer you a wide variety of jewelry to finish your look on that special day. Opt for a stunning diamond engagement ring or a diamond ring perfectly matching your earrings.

Diamond earrings for men

Are diamond earrings suitable for men as well? Of course! Men's earrings are trending in the world of fashion. It is a stylish and cool finishing touch to your outfit. Would you like a robust appearance? Then opt for diamond combined with white gold. A more chiq appearance? Then diamond and yellow gold might be the right option for you. Diamond earrings for men not only are trendy, but functional as well.

Round diamonds often seem smaller then other diamond shapes, even though they have the same carat weight. If you want your diamond earrings to appear larger, then opt for an alternative diamond shape. Or instead have the diamonds flanked by smaller stones. That way all these stones together seem like one big diamond. This will make your earrings pop, while saving on your budget.

Buying your diamonds at DiamondsByMe

A GIA diamond certificate will give you a certain insurance. On the certificate you will find all the information there is regarding the diamond. At DiamondsByMe all the stones of 0,3 carat or larger come with such a GIA certificate. If you opt for a smaller sized diamond, then you will receive a handwritten certificate.
This way you will always be sure that you can safely purchase our diamond – and other exclusive earrings online at DiamondsByMe.