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Lab grown Diamonds

The beautiful Lab Grown Diamonds (also called Lab Created Diamonds) we use in our jewelry, are produced in the United States of America.
These stunningly beautiful stones are produced in a factory developed for the sole purpose of producing Lab Grown Diamonds. The operation of this factory is an improvement on the old practices of mining for diamond and their harmful impact on environment and working conditions.
The properties of Lab Created Diamonds and ordinary diamonds are the same. This means that Lab Grown Diamonds will be just as beautiful as the diamonds that have been found in nature for decades. Click here to read everything about natural diamonds vs. Lab Created diamonds.

The video clip below offers a brief explanation of the creation of Lab Grown Diamonds and the differences between these diamonds and their counterparts that are mined in nature.

(source: CBC News Youtube)

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the investors of Lab Created Diamonds!

Everybody knows this great actor; Leonardo DiCaprio. Perhaps even his major role in the movie Blood Diamond. Because he is very committed to the environment, it is probably not surprising that he is one of the investors of the Lab Created Diamonds. His entire website is dedicated to the environment at global level and He believes it is very important that no harm to the environment and human beings is caused, because they desire luxury products.

It takes the earth up to billions of years to develop a diamond. This lengthy creation process and the relatively low amount of quality diamonds produced in nature is what makes diamonds so valuable. More information on the natural formation of diamonds can be found here.

Would it not be nice if humans could produce identical diamonds. Every gemologist dreams of being able to produce his own diamonds.
For ages specialists in the field of gemology have been searching for ways to produce identical imitations. That is why nowadays many synthetic gems are produced or different materials are used in the imitation of valuable stones. An example of this is the zirconia used to create imitation diamonds.
The synthetic stones often have the same colors and visible qualities as the stone they are imitating, however, the structure of the stone itself betrays its differences from the original. This is why they are not identical to the imitated stone.

The dream of a Lab Grown Diamond has become reality only recently. Experts can now produce diamonds in a lab that are identical with natural diamond. The only difference being that they take much less long to produce than the usual millions of years. In addition to the diamonds being produced at a faster rate, this new production process also helps relieve the high demand that risks exhausting existing mines.
Lab Grown diamonds are produced in a variety of colors. Extremely rare fancy color diamonds that are hardly ever found in nature can now be produced in a lab. Creating diamonds is all but easy. Before this particular means of producing diamonds was found there have been countless failed experiments.

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