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Diamond rings by DiamondsByMe

There are rings in many shapes. There are classic diamond rings, modern design rings, and signet rings. But there are also rings that are inspired by one's own fantasy. A ring can be a beautiful accessory to many. However, often the choice for a certain ring is linked to a symbolic meaning.

Take for instance the Claddagh ring, which symbolizes friendship, loyalty and love. Whatever your reason is to purchase a ring, at DiamondsByMe we have the most varied collection of diamond rings, at the best prices.

Each diamond ring is created in artisan fashion by our in-house goldsmiths.

Unique rings with diamond-set

At DiamondsByMe you will find a varied collection of diamond rings, in several different styles. Trendy design rings, fantasy rings, but also vintage style rings. Something for everyone. And the best part is, you can personalize each ring to suit your own taste. Why not opt for the classic solitaire ring, in which the diamond is set in such a way it will catch the light spectacularly. Or if you are more into modern designs, then perhaps a beautiful bicolor ring like the Hojalien, with a diamond set in yellow and white gold is the right choice for you.

Why choose a diamond ring?

A diamond ring is something special. It tells the happy receiver that your feelings are as sure as the diamond is tough. Because of course, the diamond is the hardest material on earth today. It can only be cut by using another diamond.
Next to that, if you want a ring with a stunning sparkler, then a diamond is the precious stone to choose.

At DiamondsByMe we offer a various choice of diamonds. We offer all shapes and sizes. But we also have different types and colors diamonds as well.
Take for instance the black diamond. A very modern looking stone, which is sure to catch the eye.

Or if you are very much a friend of Mother Nature, then why not choose a lab created diamond? This genuine diamond is grown in a laboratory, and has a minimal impact on the environment. Which makes the lab grown diamond a more sustainable diamond than a natural grown one. An advantage of the lab grown diamond is, that it is less expensive than the mined one. A beautiful alternative for the typical diamond, but just as stunning.

Diamond certificate

At DiamondsByMe each diamond of 0,3 carat or more is accompanied by a GIA, IGI or HRD certificate. Whether it concerns a naturally grown diamond or a lab created one. Each diamond has its own unique number which is laser engraved in the stone. This number, not visible to the eye, is also printed on the diamond certificate. That way, you will always be certain you own a genuine diamond.

Design your own diamond ring online

When you have found a beautiful ring, then it can be completely customized to suit your style. With each ring you can choose the materials you prefer. What kind of metal is used to create your ring? What colors do you like? If you choose a diamond ring, then you can select your choice of stone size and its color. This way you can create your own unique diamond ring.

Add your own personal engraving on the inside of the ring, making the ring the ultimate sign of a personal gift. To yourself, or to someone else.

Reliable and passionate goldsmiths

We at DiamondsByMe have a team of artisan goldsmiths, with years of experience and passion for their craft. If you have questions or you would like to discuss your wishes, then that's exactly what you can expect from us. We will give you our honest opinion, en will gladly help you in designing a stunning luxury ring, that completely suits your wishes. If you have specific wishes in regards to the creation of your ring, then we will make you a 3D render. If necessary we can create you a plastic dummy, printed with the latest 3D print techniques. With this dummy you can determine whether the ring design is completely to your satisfaction. If revisions are necessary, then it's possible to have them at this point.

If you agree on the design, then our goldsmiths will start creating your design ring. And you will have a beautiful and unique personal jewel, to enjoy for years to come. Moreover, all of our products are in line with the regulation of the Responsible Jewellery Council. This will assure you that all processed materials and gemstones come from conflictfree sources. Making you enjoy your luxury design ring even more!