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Fantasy style men's rings

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Signet rings
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Rolex style
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As has been the custom for centuries, men with character choose rings with character. For a long time, it was custom for men to only wear a wedding or an engagement ring. However, nowadays more and more men feel the freedom of wearing a ring that is a classy and stylish addition to their outfit.

Whether it be elegant, classic or contemporary, with DiamondsByMe you can completely compile your own fantasy men’s ring. A unique design, fitting your personal style.
All the rings in our collection are created in our artisan studio in the Netherlands. And each ring can be altered to fit your wishes, for instance by revising the color of the metal, or the precious stones. Based on our designs, you can create your personal fantasy ring. Or even better, create a fantasy ring completely from scratch. With the help of our designers, you will have your own design created from scratch in no time.

A Fantasy Men’s Ring by your own Design

Although we have a wide variety of rings for you to choose from, it may be that the ring you imagined is not on offer. Then do not fret. We offer a complete bespoke ring service.
Just tell us your wishes, and our designers will create your personal fantasy ring from scratch!
You will receive a 3D rendered impression of your design. Not completely sure the design is completely the way you imagined it? Then we offer you the option of having your design printed in 3D. The 3D plastic replica of your ring will be shipped to you, after which you can decide if you wish to alter some details.
Only if you are satisfied with the design and wish to order it, will your personal fantasy ring be created.
Our goldsmiths will start working their magic, and within a couple of weeks you will have your bespoke ring delivered to your doorstep. All done in the comfort of your own home.

Men’s Fantasy Ring Styles

Here we have put together a nice variety of fantasy men’s rings for you to choose from. We have several ring styles available:

  • Signet rings: the perfect ring to let your imagination run free, think of the Xander ring. Depicted on our website with a lion engraving. However, you can have your own engraving added to the ring. Think of adding the logo of your own company. Or if you like a bit of tradition, your family crest. That way you will have your own fantasy signet ring, which you can pass down to your son or daughter.
  • Rolex style rings: our Mike Rolex style ring is the perfect way of making a statement. Add your own monogram to it, and have it set with diamonds or other precious stones.
  • Fingerprint rings: A subtle but very personal fantasy ring. A fingerprint is unique. No two fingerprints in the world are alike. Add your own fingerprint or that of a loved one, and you will have a beautiful fantasy design forged in gold.

Your choice of precious metals

As said, each of the designs shown here can be altered to fit your personal taste. We offer a choice of three precious metals: silver, gold and platinum.
If you prefer gold, then we offer three carat weights and three different gold colors. The classic gold men’s ring is much preferred, but how about a modern version of your fantasy ring, by having it created in rose gold? Or if you prefer the color of white gold, but also want high quality ring with very low maintenance, then a platinum men’s ring might be the right choice for you. This precious metal is the toughest in the jewelry industry and will not easily damage. Also, it is easy to clean. Just use some warm water and a bit of soft soap, and your platinum ring is good to go again.

Whichever precious metal you choose, you can be sure that the expert goldsmiths of DiamondsByme only work with the best materials. Each fantasy ring is carefully created by hand and meticulously checked before it is shipped to you.

The Fantasy Men’s Ring you imagined

Because DiamondsByMe strives to the finest quality and service, you can rest assured knowing that your fantasy ring is created exactly the way you imagined.
Not only that, but DiamondsByMe only works with eco-friendly gold, and precious stones that come from conflict-free mines. To ensure this way of sustainable trade, we are members of the RJC, the Responsible Jewellery Council. So, not only will you purchase the fantasy ring you imagined. You will purchase it knowing your ring was created in a sustainable manner as a small bonus.

We at DiamondsByMe look forward to seeing what design you will choose and alter. If you have any questions regarding a personal engraving or custom alterations, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will gladly be of service!