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    One of the most memorable moments of a couple’s life, is their wedding day. That is the day you will choose to spend the rest of your days together. How each couple spends their wedding day and with whom, is something very personal.

    Another very personal and important matter, is choosing your wedding rings. Because you will wear these rings for decades to come, you will want to be certain you choose the perfect set of rings. DiamondsByMe, as wedding ring expert, will help you make the right choice.

    Personal wedding rings for him and her, or her and her, or him and him

    Not every couple’s tastes and style are the same. Therefore, it might prove a challenge to find a set of wedding rings you both like. Although DiamondsByMe has a beautiful variety of personal wedding rings, it may be possible each of you like something different. We believe that you should not compromise on such an important decision.
    So, at DiamondsByMe we offer you the choice of selecting your own wedding ring! Each ring set you see in our collection is available as a single ring. So if you cannot agree on a set of personal wedding rings, then we invite you to start browsing our collections of women’s wedding rings and men’s wedding rings. That way you will both find exactly what you like, making your set of wedding rings even more personal!

    And of course, if you both want exactly the same ring, or you are a same-sexed couple, then the single wedding ring collection may prove very handy indeed. Simply order a ring twice if you wish a matching set.

    Say Yes to the Diamond Wedding Ring

    Back in the days the custom thing to do was wearing a set of plain gold wedding rings. Nowadays there are endless possibilities available. Like our sets of wedding rings with one or more diamonds in the ladies’ ring. This will add a small but fashionable sparkle to your timeless wedding ring.
    And of course, if you check our women’s wedding rings, you will find we have numerous diamond wedding rings for you to choose from. A diamond ring you will proudly wear as a memory of that special moment when you took the plunge.
    Now ladies, how about some sparkle?

    Make it even more personal

    Now, to make your set of wedding rings even more personal, we offer you the choice of having each other’s fingerprint engraved! Every person’s fingerprint is unique. Therefor a set of fingerprint wedding rings will make your bands as personal as they can be.

    Design your Personal Wedding Rings

    Of course, the epiphany of personal wedding rings is designing them yourself. If you and your partner imagine a specific design which you have not found anywhere, then contact us. We will discuss with you the possibilities of your custom designed personal wedding rings.
    Our designers are ready to make you a 3D render of your wedding ring design. And if you agree, then you can order them with us, after which our goldsmiths will start their magic. Crafting you a very personal, handmade set of wedding rings.

    Choosing your precious metal

    One of the choices you will face when selecting your wedding rings, is the color. The classic choice is of course yellow gold wedding rings. But for your personal wedding rings, why not opt for something different? Like white gold wedding rings, or rose gold, or perhaps two-toned rings? For those who cannot choose between colors, we even have three-tone options available!

    Personal Wedding Rings created by DiamondsByMe

    Now that you know more about all the options available to you at DiamondsByMe, we would like to take the opportunity to sum up some of the other benefits of DiamondsByMe wedding rings:

    • Because each piece of jewelry at DiamondsByMe is only created after you order it, you can rest assured you will have a unique set. Because we do not maintain a large stockpile.
    • Because of this, we can also offer you the best prices on your set of rings.
    • All jewelry is created by hand by the best goldsmiths, and after that carefully checked before we ship it to you
    • All wedding rings come in a luxury box, and are accompanied by a handwritten certificate, mentioning the name of your goldsmith, and the ring’s specifics
    • All materials used for your wedding rings come from sustainable sources. We use eco-friendly gold, and our gemstones come from conflict-free mines
    • Add a free personal inscription on the inside of the wedding ring. Each ring on our website mentions how many letters, numbers and/or symbols you can use
    • We offer a lifetime warranty program. If your wedding rings need some maintenance, simply check our lifetime warranty for the terms and conditions

    Now it’s time to tick off one of your priorities on your wedding preparations list and start compiling your own personal wedding rings. Rings that will last a lifetime and will make you think back of your wedding day each time you look at them.