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A marriage proposal: it's a beautiful milestone in your life and that of your partner's. It's a moment you will remember a lifetime – a moment you will want to arrange as perfect as possible. Preparing for a unique wedding proposal starts by finding the perfect engagement ring. At DiamondsByMe you will find the most exquisite gold and platinum engagement rings.

However, our rings are so much more than just pieces of jewelry. At DiamondsByMe you can let your imagination run free while designing your own ring, creating the perfect match to the style, personality and appearance of your loved one. You can revise our luxury platinum, white gold and gold engagement rings the way you like, and choose the precious stone that best suits your partner. At DiamondsByMe you will find the best quality stones: from sapphire and rubies, to citrine and amethyst. How do you like a gold engagement ring with a ruby? Or do you prefer the combination of a gold band with a green gemstone, like the emerald? The choice is yours!

One of the most intense, fascinating gemstones is without a doubt the emerald. This exquisite, green gemstone is also known as the stone of love, unity and partnership. A beautiful gold engagement ring with emerald is the perfect way to start off a successful marriage!

About the emerald

The emerald is one of the most popular precious stones, and not without reason: this gemstone has an impressive green color and a classic appearance. The name “emerald” comes from the Greek word “smaragdos”, meaning “green stone”.

In mankind's history the emerald was often considered a sacred stone. It was the belief that the emerald has healing powers and would be lucky to the wearer. A historic personality known for wearing an emerald was Cleopatra, queen of ancient Egypt. The emerald is especially beautiful when combined with a platinum or white gold engagement ring.

Bring the emerald to life in your own design

No matter how beautiful the emerald is, this green gemstone will really come into its own in a beautiful piece of jewelry, like a gold engagement ring. Or, even better: a white gold engagement ring with emerald worn by your partner! Check out our Halo engagement collection for beautiful emerald cut designs.

This engagement ring with emerald will be a lasting memory of your marriage proposal, and the symbol of the love between you and your partner. At DiamondsByMe you will determine how this precious symbol of your love will look. Our goldsmiths will take extra care in creating the engagement ring exactly as per your wishes, suiting the style and personality of your partner.

One of our personal favorite stone shapes for the emerald is the pear cut stone. When combined with white gold or platinum, the pear cut emerald will shine at its best. We offer a beautiful collection of engagement rings with pear emerald, but of course we also have round cut, oval cut and heart cut emeralds.

No matter how beautiful a ring is: it will only come to life when perfectly matched with the wearer.

Choose the precious metal and the cut of the emerald

White gold engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings, platinum: we have it all! Does a gold engagement ring best suit your partner, or do you prefer silver? White gold engagement rings are especially popular when combined with a stunning emerald. After choosing your precious metal, it's important to choose the cut of your emerald. Select a round, square, oval, pear- or emerald shaped emerald. The possibilities are endless. The best quality emeralds, and handmade for you and your partner.

If you want a ring that is as solid as your relationship, then why not opt for the platinum emerald engagement ring? Next to the fact that platinum is the hardest precious metal we use, and will not easily damage, platinum also has the extra benefit of being a hypoallergenic metal. So, if your partner is prone to have allergic reaction to certain metals, platinum is your metal of choice!

When it comes to your partner, of course only the best will suffice. That is why you will want the best quality emeralds. We at DiamondsByMe offer you the best emeralds for a reasonable price.

Craftsmanship, quality and customization are DiamondsByMe's central points. We invest time and effort in creating you a ring that perfectly matches your wishes. Are you in doubt whether to choose a platinum engagement ring or a white gold one? We will gladly assist you in making the right choice.

  • At DiamondsByMe you will not find mass production, externally made. We strive to create all our customers a personal piece of jewelry of the highest quality possible.
  • At DiamondsByMe you will find stylish, timeless designs with a classic appearance that will stand the test of time. Like for instance our beautiful white gold engagement rings or the timeless gold engagement rings.

The customer is king

At DiamondsByMe the customer is king. Whether you choose a gold engagement ring, or your eye is on one of our white gold engagement rings; whether you prefer an emerald or another precious stone in our extensive collection: our craftsmen are always ready to assist you. Our engagement rings are completely handmade, and each ring is made to order. Making each and every one of our engagement rings unique! Of course, our production process has as little impact on the environment as possible, and we make use of conflict free materials. Our shipping is completely free in most cases. And now we also offer an exclusive lifetime warranty program. With this program your emerald engagement ring will successfully stand the test of time!