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Classic engagement rings

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This is probably the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever buy, so make sure it says everything you need it to. Evoke the timeless beauty of classic engagement rings with DiamondsByMe’s collection.

About classic engagement rings

The giving and sharing of rings to symbolize love and connection is believed to date back to ancient Roman and Egyptian times. Over thousands of years, various precious metals and stones have been used to create beautiful and ornate pieces of jewelry. However, the classic engagement ring we know so well today is actually only one hundred or so years old. The custom really became popular with the introduction of the diamond market in the late 1800s. Once these brilliant stones had come to symbolize the ultimate in love and luxury, diamond engagement rings became the standard for this most important of gifts.

While there is always room for personal touches and modernization, at DiamondsByMe we celebrate classic engagement rings with a wide variety of styles and features. Emulate traditional, luxurious and timeless styles from our collection. Have the best of both worlds by combining traditional and historical goldsmith techniques with our unique process. Select your metal and stones or even design your own classic engagement ring from drawings to reality. Our expert team will be there every step of the way, with computerized and 3D modeling to make sure that your ring is as unique as your loved one. We make all our jewelry to order and don’t keep any stock, so your design will be truly yours, shared between the two of you only.

Timeless engagement rings

There are so many timeless engagement rings from history, classics in the genre that immediately say love, luxury and forever. Think of beautiful designs that have captured the hearts of the world twice over, like the Lady Diana and now Kate Middleton ring. Our Jorinda and Margien ranges are the perfect tribute to this classic symbol of fairytale love; with a large central stone in sapphire or a stone of your choice, surrounded by diamonds and set on a brilliant white gold or platinum band.

When conjuring images of timeless engagement rings, simple bands and large central stones of our solitaire engagement rings come to mind. When decorated with pave shoulders a gorgeous classic pavé solitaire engagement ring is born.

The Shonta range touches on this old-world glamour with a square cut stone set high above the setting for maximum sparkle, with the addition of subtle diamonds in the band. The Leesa and Pamela styles are the ultimate in opulence when paired with an emerald or ruby in their cluster and halo settings.

A promise ring is a gift to symbolize a bond or vow only you and your partner share. They can be in place of, or in the lead up to, an engagement; or just to send the message in your heart. Classic promise rings are delicate, with a rounded, smooth band and one or two stones. Understated styles such as the Lynelle, with a small, oval diamond are perfect; or the Pippa, with some engraving on the shoulders for an added individual touch. A classic promise ring should be simple and sweet as they are often worn in addition to other rings.

Classic solitaire ring

The classic solitaire ring is the engagement ring that started them all. The single diamond symbolizes the unity and strength of your relationship and is the perfect way to wow your beloved when it matters most.

Classic solitaire rings in our collection include the Isa and Tiffy, with nothing other than a brilliant cut diamond in a high setting taking center stage. The Queen range gives added luxury with a round diamond surrounded by a halo of stones, the main event still being the central stone. Add to your solitaire with pave shoulders or a decorated band for an update on the classic solitaire ring look.

Classic engagement rings with a hint of color

At DiamondsByMe, we strive to offer you as much options as possible in creating the perfect engagement ring. Therefore, we offer a wide range of choices when it comes to precious stones.

If you wish for a classic engagement ring for you loved one, but prefer a hint of color in it, then you can always check our collection of colored gemstones. How about a ruby engagement ring to symbolize your love for her? Or does your partner love purple? Then perhaps an amethyst is the right choice. Or does she like green? Then opt for a beautiful emerald or a peridot.

Adding a splash of color will add something extra to your gift to her, especially when it symbolizes a memory you share, or her birth month. She will definitely appreciate the trouble you took in creating her the perfect classic, exclusive engagement ring.