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Are you about to pop the question? On a special moment like that no doubt you will want to give her a beautiful and unique engagement ring.

A solitaire diamond engagement ring is a perfect jewel for the classic, elegant bride. The solitaire setting symbolizes loyalty and everlasting love. Usually the gemstone is set high on a simple band, making the ring a genuine eyecatcher. Especially when one chooses a solitaire ring with diamond.

What is a solitaire ring?

The word says exactly what the solitaire ring is. Solitaire means single. So, a diamond solitaire ring is set with only one diamond. One that is sure to take your breath away. The look of a solitaire engagement ring can vary. There is the classic version, with a simple band, on which the diamond is set in a high, open setting, making the most of the stone's clarity and sparkle.

However, if you prefer a ring in which the diamond is set lower, then we offer a number of these rings as well. Classic, modern or intricate designs. They are all possible for your diamond solitaire engagement ring.

A special engagement ring made according your wishes

At DiamondsByMe we offer you the opportunity to personalize your own traditional engagement ring. You have your choice of rings shown above, which you can customize yourself. With our online configurator you can choose any gold color you want like; white gold, rose gold and yellow gold solitaire rings. Or you can step it up a notch and make her engagement ring even more exclusive, by choosing a platinum solitaire ring. Also, you can choose from a variety of birthstones and the size of the stones. Opt for a solitaire ring with sapphire for instance, if you bride was born in September. But to whoever prefers a unique engagement ring, we offer the possibility to have your very own design made. Just send us your design and we will make you an offer you can't refuse.

Our goldsmiths have an enormous passion for the craft that is making jewelry. They will gladly help you create a stunning classic solitaire engagement ring for this special occasion. Or goldsmiths distinguish themselves by their craftsmanship, and they will surely create you a very personal and unique piece of jewelry.

Distinguished by craftsmanship

At DiamondsByMe we offer a personal touch. After all this concerns a ring that your betrothed will want to enjoy for decades. We will give you our honest opinion to what is possible, and we will help you select your personal engagement ring. If you choose to have your ring designed, then our designers will make you a 3D render based on your preferences. After approval of the design, the ring will be created by hand by our artisan goldsmiths. If you prefer to see how your ring will look like before you order the actual ring, then we can send you a plastic 3D dummy, created with the latest 3D print techniques. This will give you a genuine idea of how the ring will look like. It is even possible to have some adjustments made at this point.

The diamond in your solitaire ring

At DiamondsByMe we specialize in creating jewelry that is meant to withstand the test of time. By using the highest quality materials, you can be sure that your loved one will carry a piece of jewelry she will enjoy for the rest of her life. The diamonds we work with are all XXXN quality. More regarding the diamond specifications, you can learn in our education center.

But not only do we work with naturally delved diamonds, we now also offer you the opportunity to have your diamond solitaire ring set with a gorgeous lab created diamond. The lab created diamond has all the specifications of a naturally grown diamond, and it is in fact a genuine diamond. However, the growing process is put into fast forward, making it possible to have a diamond created within weeks, instead of millions of years. Ordering a lab grown diamond solitaire ring has its advantages. The advantages of the lab created diamonds are, that they usually cost less than the natural diamond. And because they are created in a laboratory, they cause a less negative impact on the environment. So please consider this lovely stone as a token of your love for Mother Earth.

Diamond certificate

Each piece of jewelry created by DiamondsByMe is accompanied by a handwritten certificate. However, diamonds of 0,3 carat or more also have a GIA, an HRD or an IGI certificate, mentioning all the specifics of the diamond set in your solitaire ring. Lab created diamonds of 0,3 carat and more have an IGI certificate.

If you choose to commit to DiamondsByMe, then you will be sure that your solitaire engagement ring will be created with conflict free materials. We are part of the RJC, the Responsible Jewelry Council. This nonprofit organization determines the standards of our trade. Enough reasons for you to order your personal engagement ring with DiamondsByMe! Now let your imagination run free and create your own diamond solitaire engagement ring!