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Halo rings are a gorgeous and opulent way to maximize the brilliance and look of your diamond ring. The central diamond, usually round, is surrounded by a ‘halo’ of smaller, often pavé, diamonds. The overall effect is then one large diamond, with multiple shapes and cuts to reflect the light.

About the Halo Ring

The halo ring first came to prominence in the 1920s, and indeed there is something distinctly Art Deco about the style. However, rings with a surrounded central stone, often resembling a flower, date back to the 1700s and 1800s.

Today, halo rings are the second most popular style for engagement rings behind the classic solitaire diamond. Just because they’re called halo rings, the central diamond and its surround doesn’t have to be round. Square and contrasting shapes look just as effective. A halo ring is a clever way to maximize the look of a smaller central stone. It’s also worth remembering that the central and halo stones don’t have to be diamonds, consider contrasting colors as well. With our online configurator you can choose any gold color you want like; yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and even platinum halo rings. Also, you can choose from a variation of birthstones.

At DiamondsByMe we have a range of halo rings, both ladies’ rings and engagement rings. We can also help you design your own ring for that most special of occasions, either using our online customization tool, or in-house studio and 3D printing techniques. Our system is the first of its kind in the world; we don’t keep stock, so all our products are made on request, designed for each customer and their special occasion. Perfected by you. Crafted by us. Creating you a perfect ring is what we strive to do. Interested in something extraordinary? We can create any ring for you with our bespoke service!

Diamond halo rings

A halo ring is the symbol of a unique bond shared between two people - something only the giver and the bearer share. They’re a beautiful alternative to engagement or eternity rings, perhaps if you’ve got a special message to send and want to seal your connection. A diamond halo ring takes this look to the next level, surrounding and sealing your promise with the brilliance of a collection of diamonds.

Next to our collection of white diamonds, we offer diamonds in other colors as well. Like the brown diamond, and Halo rings with black diamond. This will add a beautiful sparkle to a classic design, while at the same time the ring becomes very modern due to the extraordinary stone.

Also check out our collection of lab-grown diamonds, these diamonds are eco-friendly and can be more than 30% lower in price.

A diamond promise ring is a classic choice as diamonds are a symbol of strength and eternity. Browse DiamondsByMe’s range of diamond promise rings to find the perfect representation of your bond. The Margien features a central oval diamond, surrounded by fourteen smaller ones. Choose a platinum or white gold band to get that classic flash of silver white on white.

Gold Halo rings

Gold will always be the ultimate symbol of luxury and status, and it’s also a perfect metal for jewelry due to its resistance to tarnishing and malleability. Against diamonds the contrast is a timeless classic, pairing the beauty of gold with the strength and brilliance of diamonds. The halo setting only maximizes this, setting the opulent cluster against the shine of the gold.

The Misti range showcases the best of gold diamond rings with a halo setting. The band is thin with squared-off edges, while the central stone and its halo are perfectly round. The prong setting is white gold to match the color of the diamonds and maximize the brilliance. For an added touch of luxury, the shoulders are lined with pave diamonds. For a touch of old-world glamor, consider replacing the central stone with a sapphire. The blue against the diamond halo and the color of the gold halo ring gives a classic vintage look. For that Art Deco touch the halo ring is known for, choose a white gold Halo ring.

Art Deco luxury by DiamondsByMe

If you’re in the market for that genuine Art Deco feel to propose to your partner, then our collection of Halo rings will certainly offer the perfect ring. Know that each ring is carefully handmade by our goldsmiths, after which each stone is set with the utmost precision. Creating a gorgeous handmade Halo ring that will certainly make her want to start the next chapter of your story together as soon as possible.

In short, DiamondsByMe offers you the kind of exclusiveness you are looking for, at a more than fair price. Some of our benefits:

  • Each jewel is customizable and made to order.
  • Each piece of jewelry is carefully handmade
  • We only use the finest quality precious metals and gemstones
  • We keep no stock, making each ring unique, and very fairly priced.
  • We offer a 60 days trial period. Check our terms and conditions.
  • Each piece of jewelry is carefully inspected before it’s shipped to you

We hope we’ve convinced you of all the good things DiamondsByMe has to offer when it comes to your personal Halo ring. Now, step foot in our online showroom, and let our goldsmiths work their magic for you!