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    Although still an incredibly popular choice, we’ve come a long way from the tradition of wearing matching plain gold bands. Now, when choosing your exclusive wedding rings, you may take into consideration the shape and style of your engagement ring and any other jewelry, allowing you to create an on-trend and glamorous stack of beautiful jewelry.

    As well as complementing your other hand jewelry, your wedding rings should be immensely personal to you and your future husband or wife. With a range of beautiful designs and styles to suit every taste, you can create a story with the ring you create, incorporating elements which are significant to you as a couple. This may include unique engravings, intricately shaped parts or colorful gemstones for brides who dare to be different.

    If you wish to incorporate the way that you met or another highly personalized design element, DiamondsByMe have an affordable bespoke service, allowing you full freedom to create exclusive wedding rings for you and your partner. Each customer’s jewelry is made to order and we never stock any of our designs, allowing you the freedom to make subtle or major edits during the build, at a fraction of the normal cost.

    Select from the Most Exclusive Engagement Rings

    Of course, before you select the perfect wedding bands, you may like to view our exclusive engagement rings. From the traditional and classic to ornate, vintage designs, our styles are available to be made with the finest diamonds for an exclusive look.

    For those with a higher budget, platinum is a precious metal to consider for your exclusive engagement ring, offering the best and brightest shine which won’t fade or discolor over time. DiamondsByMe are incredibly proud to be part of the Responsible Jewelry Council, so regardless of the exclusive engagement ring you choose, you can be sure it has been sourced and made fairly and is of the highest quality.

    The most symbolic part of your day, your wedding rings will be worn regularly for the rest of your lives. With this is mind, browse our exclusive wedding bands which are both long-lasting and immensely beautiful, ensuring you’ll always be happy with your choice.

    Styles of wedding ring range massively to suit every bride and groom both as a couple and individually. Whether you favor the simple, elegant and modest look of two matching plain platinum wedding bands or you wish to incorporate exclusive diamonds, sapphires or emeralds, you can personalize each of our designs to suit your tastes and your budget.

    Unique Wedding Rings for Her

    DiamondsByMe offer you the option of either creating a unique wedding set for both bride and groom, or for each of you to express your individuality with styles tailored to you. Currently on-trend, popular styles include delicately engraved scroll work, feminine diamond-set filigraam or double shanks for a noticeable and unique wedding ring.

    Select from a range of beautiful, naturally colored gemstones to set off any of these designs or opt for our bespoke service for a completely one-off, unique wedding ring you can’t get anywhere else. As well as turning your dreams and desires into reality, we can help create a unique women's wedding ring incorporating an older piece of jewelry or a unique shaped wedding ring to sit flush with your engagement ring.

    Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

    It remains immensely popular for men to opt for masculine, plain metal wedding bands for the big day. However, as jewelry-making techniques and methods become more advanced over time, men also have the chance to create a stunning, unique men’s wedding band which represents his style.

    You may like to include a small, single diamond to represent the idea of forever, or select from a range of unique metal finishes, each producing a completely different look. From hammered metal wedding rings to a brushed metal or matte look, our expert jewelers use traditional techniques and modern technology to get you the result you desire.

    Exclusive Diamond wedding rings

    As one of the rarest and most expensive natural materials in the world, nothing is more exclusive than a diamond wedding ring. DiamondsByMe have a selection of diamonds available, including those of the finest quality, clarity and color. To create exclusive diamond wedding ring for either an engagement or wedding, you may like to hand-select your diamond, fitting it into any of our beautiful designs or creating something completely new.

    For those with a larger budget, our exclusive diamond rings are the best choice, ensuring long-lasting wear and a stunning finish which will last a lifetime.