About DiamondsByMe

About DiamondsByMe

We love making jewelry

"My name is Remco Broekhuis, I own DiamondsByMe.
DiamondsByMe is an online platform which was created out of pure love of the goldsmith's art. I have been a passionate goldsmith and jewelry designer or years now. I like nothing better than to start out the day by designing and making beautiful jewelry. Every day, my team and I make special jewelry that often will be worn for a lifetime or maybe even longer. Out of the success of my two jewelry stores I started looking at what other opportunities lay ahead. In this the online design of the piece of jewelry had to be customer-centered. The many positive reactions we receive from customers, indicate that we are on the right track."

DiamondsByMe is the first Dutch website where you can compose your own jewelry. We use the latest techniques in the goldsmith's art. Now it is possible for you to make your own choice between the various precious metals and gems.






Our team of designers are working every day to design new jewelry. The jewelry is made by real goldsmiths who still use craft trades. By combining modern technology with ancient craft, the most beautiful jewelry can be created. For designing we use drawing programs on the computer, making it possible to visualize the jewelry.

Every day we get requests from customers to make a piece of jewelry by there own design. Our advantage is that we make the designs first in 3D on the computer. When the design is finished we can show you a perfect image of how it will look. If you are not convinced we can also make a print on our3D printer. You can hold and see the printed piece of jewelry for yourself, so you know exactly what the jewelry will look like. At this stage of the process, you can still make changes to the jewelry till you are completely satisfied. If the draft is approved by you, the actual piece of jewelry can be produced

The gems in our jewelry are from legitimate sources. We offer a wide range for half the regular price. At DiamondsByMe it is also possible to take a gemstone from an old piece of jewelry and reinstate it in a new piece of jewelry. We wish you lots of fun on the DiamondsByMe website. Be inspired and surprised by our many and unique possibilities!