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Monogram rings

Signet rings
Signet rings
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Rolex style
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    Our monogram rings give you the perfect opportunity to create a fully-personalized gift for a loved one. DiamondsByMe offer a beautiful selection of signet rings, ready for you to alter and engrave with initials, monograms or a family crest. For more information you can check our special engravings in our education center. The traditional gentleman’s ring, monogram signet rings have been worn for thousands of years and continue to be popular with men of every generation today. In recent times, monogram rings have also become increasingly popular with women, for a highly personal, on-trend piece of jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a classic, timeless style or have something a little more modern and on-trend in mind, our expert team of jewelers can work with you to create the perfect gift for the special man or lady in your life.

    Types of Monogram Rings for Men

    Our monogram rings range from ornate designs with lots of detail and elaborate lines, to clean modern pieces. For the traditional man think of the Brian monogram ring. The details in the engraving are enhanced by the floral-like lines in the sides. If you prefer a clean-cut style, then consider the Marcio ring. In this ring not only can you add a monogram, but even a short name. This modern design makes for a very cool ring, for the man who follows his own path. Do you wear a Rolex watch? Then how about a matching Rolex style monogram ring like our Mike ring. This design is defined by the classic Rolex lines of the band, and the monogram set with precious stones will add an extra touch of luxury.

    Types of engravings

    Monograms can be engraved on a range of different precious metals, enabling you to have full control over the look and cost of the finished piece. If you have a design in mind, our team use a combination of highly-skilled craftsmanship and advanced technology to create a digital mock-up of how your ring will look. Alternatively, we can work with you to co-design the perfect piece. We offer a range of engraving styles for you to choose from or can work on a unique design, created specifically to your requirements at an additional cost. Our bespoke monogram rings for men are ideal for special birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day or can be bought as an indulgent treat for yourself, commemorating your family heritage.

    For more information and inspiration on engraving styles, please refer to our education center. There you will find several styles with their price range. Select one of these styles, or if you have a specific style you like, but don't see on our website, then contact us for a price quotation.

    Gold Monogram Rings

    Traditionally, yellow gold monogram rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the timeless oval design to a modern and clean rectangular shape, we can work with you to create a design that fits. Monogram designs usually involve two or three initials, combined to create an image that’s unique to you. Gold works well for monogram rings as it’s durable and long-lasting but still soft enough to engrave. For a more modern feel, opt for white gold, rose gold or even a platinum monogram ring, which have the same positive qualities but a cleaner, fresher finish. Silver is another option for monogram rings however, because the metal is quite soft, it is more prone to scratch.

    Not only are DiamondsByMe monogram rings available in lots of stunning designs, but it is also easy to create something perfect to fit any budget. From timeless, solid bands to two-tone intricate designs, our monogram rings can be worn to make any outfit stand out.

    Monogram Rings by DiamondsByMe

    Purchasing a monogram ring from DiamondsByMe has several benefits. Not only do we work with sustainable precious metals and gemstones, but we also don’t have any rings in stock. Each design is carefully created by hand by our expert goldsmiths after you order it. So not only will you be wearing a rare piece of jewelry, the fact that it was handmade makes the ring unique.
    Another factor of not keeping a large stockpile is, we can keep the prices of our jewelry low. So, if you compare our prices to those of any other jeweler, you will see some considerable differences.

    Furthermore, we offer:

    • A 60 days trial period
    • Lifetime warranty on your ring
    • Free shipping to most countries
    • A full customizing service. Compile your ring on our website, or have your very own design brought to life

    Now that you know of the benefits of a monogram ring created by DiamondsByMe, we invite you to start compiling your own ring. Play with the easy-to-use online tool, and in a short amount of time, you will be wearing your custom created monogram ring!