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Rings with lab grown diamond

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Diamonds are one of the most durable, beautiful and rare naturally sourced stones in the world, but with this longevity and rarity comes a cost. Recently, modern technology has enabled us to reduce this cost by creating rings with lab grown diamonds, ensuring the same optical and physical qualities with only a slightly different internal structure. DiamondsByMe can create beautiful rings with lab grown diamonds, suitable for any occasion. Select a style from our wide range of base designs or allow your creativity to flow by forming a unique, bespoke ring through our exclusive service.

What is the Difference Between a Natural and Man-Made Diamond?

To the human eye, there is no difference between a natural and lab grown diamond. You can ensure the same level of sparkle, durability and exclusivity with a man-made diamond as you could with a natural diamond, and the tiny, structural differences would only be detected using specialized equipment. With differences so minor, a man-made diamond is an excellent choice to achieve a luxury look diamond ring at a fraction of the cost.

As each diamond is created from the carbon seeds of pre-existing natural diamonds, you also have the option of choosing a beautiful and even more rare colored ring with lab grown diamond, such as black, brown or yellow. Regardless of your budget, this allows you to present a gorgeous ring which she will love at an affordable price.

DiamondsByMe are proud to be certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, ensuring all our precious metals have been ethically sourced for added peace of mind. You can select a lab grown diamond of any size and color to have set into your ring, choosing from a silver, gold or platinum setting and band in any style, for a highly personal, bespoke ring. Each lab grown diamond of 0.3 carat or more, is accompanied by a GIA certificate.

If you wish to learn more about lab grown diamonds, then you should take a peek at our education center.

Rings with Lab Created Diamonds

Our rings with lab created diamonds are perfect for a wide range of occasions, from a special birthday to an engagement or simply an indulgent purchase for yourself. As each diamond is produced in the lab, there is very little impact on the environment, also making them ideal for the eco-conscious. Once grown, cultured diamonds are cut and polished in the same way as mined diamonds, allowing you the same freedom of choice when it comes to the shape, size and overall style of your ring.

A cultured diamond, as a genuine diamond, grown with modern technology, is perfectly suitable for a modern ring. However, if you prefer vintage design, then of course the lab grown diamond will be just as beautiful as a natural one.

Modern rings at a fair price

Because the lab grown diamond is laboratory created, has less impact on the environment, and costs less to be created, we can also offer you these genuine diamonds at a lower cost than the natural version. Something to consider when you prefer a modern diamond ring, but also have a certain budget in mind. Check out which of our women’s rings have the possibility of adding a lab grown diamond. We’ve made it easy for you by selecting all these models on this page. Make sure to check out our eternity ring collection!

The great thing about each ring is that if you would prefer a certain ring but in a different color metal, you can adjust it by using our online configurator. So, for instance, you like our Desire ring, but would prefer rose gold instead of white gold, then simply revise this in the configurator, and you will instantly see what it will look like, and with the adjusted price.

A Lab Grown Diamond Ring by DiamondsByMe

Purchasing a women’s ring with lab grown diamond at DiamondsByMe offers certain benefits. Not only do we work with the finest precious metals and gemstones, but each ring is carefully created by hand, and made to order. Furthermore:

  • Because we create each ring only when it is ordered, we do not maintain a stockpile. So, the ring you purchase will surely be something unique
  • You can design your own lab grown diamond ring by playing with our easy-to-use online configurator. That way you will be sure the ring you choose will be exactly the way you want it to look.
  • Each ring comes with a handwritten certificate containing all the specifics of the ring you purchased. If you purchased a stone of 0,3 carats or more, you will receive a GIA certificate as well. This certifies that this is a lab grown diamond approved by the GIA.
  • Each ring comes in a luxury box
  • With every ring we offer a lifetime warranty program, ensuring the maintenance of your ring, and keeping it beautiful for a lifetime. Read more about the lifetime warranty program.

We hope these benefits have convinced you to purchase your lab grown diamond ring at DiamondsByMe. Now, take a look at our collection, and start designing your very own ring!

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