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A modern engagement ring is one that stands the test of time. A ring with which anything is possible. At least, that is our opinion at DiamondsByMe. With us you can design your own beautiful modern engagement ring, one that suits your own taste and that of your partner's. A white gold engagement ring? Or one with two colors? We at DiamondsByMe do not follow trends, we do not buy wholesale and we don't hold stock.

What we will do? Create beautiful jewelry with conflict free precious stones and metals, in the modern way you love. With us the sky is the limit.

Modern engagement rings by your own design

At DiamondsByMe we create stunning bespoke engagement rings by your own design. We handle the production of these modern engagement rings ourselves. Our goldsmiths use the best quality gold, silver and platinum to create gorgeous pieces of jewelry. You can choose these precious metals yourself. You also have your choice of the precious stones and their size.

Not completely sure of what you want? Then order a 3D dummy model of your ring! When you decide you find it perfect in terms of model and size, we at DiamondsByMe will start the process of creating you the perfect ring.

Gold with a modern twist: a rose gold engagement ring

A modern engagement ring doesn't necessarily have to be made of yellow gold or silver anymore. Something increasingly popular is a rose gold engagement ring. The thing that makes this gold special, is the red/pinkish color tone. It actually is gold with a modern twist. Rose gold looks stylish and radiates luxury. And it's beautifully modern. Take for instance the fact that not only do we see much more rose gold jewelry, but also modern accessories like rose gold watches.

Not only that; rose gold perfectly combines with gold and silver jewelry, which is perfect when your partner likes to wear different kinds of jewelry. The modern pinkish tone of rose gold is created by adding copper to the gold alloy. The more copper is added by the goldsmith, the stronger the color. But adding copper also has the side-effect of making the gold stronger. Did you know that pure 24 carat gold is quite soft? That is why we offer a choice of 9, 14 and 18 carats. So, you know that the gold you wear is nice and strong.

Stunning platinum engagement rings

Next to rose gold, we also have a wide variety of beautiful engagement rings made of white gold and platinum. These are perfect for those seeking a ring with a silvery appearance, but who also want a more exclusive ring. Of these precious metals, platinum is the rarest, and therefore the most expensive. It is even more rare than gold. What makes platinum unique is that this is a very strong metal. This will decrease the chance of the ring to be scratched or damaged. A modern platinum engagement ring will therefore always remain as beautiful as the day you slid it on the finger of your betrothed. The white color tone does not change.

Furthermore, the chance of having an allergic reaction to this metal is extremely small. So, if your partner is allergic to silver or gold, then platinum is the perfect choice for her modern engagement ring.

Two-tone gold engagement ring

Are you having second thoughts about the color of the precious metal? Or if your partner would prefer a golden color, white or rose? Then it's good to learn that we offer two-tone engagement rings. The several gold tones can be beautifully combined. Choose for instance a combination of rose gold and white gold. Or yellow gold with white gold. When choosing your color combination, it's always a good idea to keep in mind the types and colors of jewelry your partner likes to wear.

Think for instance about his or her watch. Is it gold colored, white or rose gold? And what about other rings or bracelets? If you know this, it will make choosing your two-tone engagement ring much easier.

Lab grown diamond: sustainable and modern

The choice of the precious stone is important for a ring's appearance as well. With us you have your choice of diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, citrine, peridot, rhodolite, smokey quartz, aquamarine, black diamond, pearl and blue topaz. Of these precious stones diamond is the hardest material, followed by sapphire and ruby. Consider a beautiful peridot for your modern engagement ring, smokey quartz or black diamond. The intense olive-green color of peridot beautifully combines with rose gold. The mysterious tone of black diamond suits each type of precious metal.

Something very modern and cool is the lab grown diamond. This genuine diamond was not formed in nature over millions of years but created in a lab within weeks. However, we can assure you that these are genuine diamonds, with all the same characteristics as the natural diamonds, other than the fact how they came to be. Each lab grown diamond engagement ring with a round stone of 0,3 carat or more comes with a GIA certificate. This is an extra assurance to you that this is a genuine diamond.

Because the creation of lab grown diamonds has less impact on the environment, it perfectly fits into our vision of sustainable trade. Not only that; lab grown diamonds are less costly than their natural twin. So, if you wish to propose to her with a beautiful sparkling diamond, while at the same time keeping an eye on your budget, then the lab grown diamond is definitely something to consider.

Beautiful and modern engagement rings to suit every budget

At DiamondsByMe virtually anything is possible. The engagement ring can be created as modern and as precious as you want. Not only can you personalize these modern engagement rings to suit your taste, but also your budget. One thing we at DiamondsByMe know for sure: No matter what type of precious metal of gemstone you decide to choose, your partner will be sure to love it. Because let's be honest; there is nothing more romantic than a modern engagement ring designed especially for you?