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Gold, it is a symbol of both love and wealth, both prestige and health. The elaborate means by which gold is acquired, in contrast, are anything but romantic. The same can be said for the industry behind most precious stones as well. Because of this for many years now the mining of gold and precious stones has been a topic of discussion when talking about environment and society.

We, at DiamondsByMe, consider a fair sales policy a major priority, that is why we strive for the values of the Responsible Jewellery Council. If you would like to know more about the sustainable manufacturing process of DiamondsByMe, check this link.

Fair trade means our gold and gemstones are mined in ways that do not cause a negative impact on environment or society. Fairtrade Fair mined is the first certification for Fairtrade gold that has been made available worldwide. The certificate is comparable tot that of the Fairtrade brand of coffee, originally founded by the organization ‘Max Havelaar’. The Fairtrade Fair mined certificate was based on an initiative by the Max Havelaar Foundation.

The Fairtrade and Fair mined dual certification scheme, set up by The Fairtrade Foundation and the Alliance for Responsible Mining, makes sure workers receive fair wages. Additionally the workers receive a premium for working without the use of mercury.

The production line, from mining the gold to smithing your jewellery, has become increasingly visible over time. The mining of gold and gemstones used to be an obscure trade with entire mining complexes completely isolated from the day-to-day of ordinary people. However, nowadays mining has become more visible as a result of media coverage and the work of several organizations. Since many mines still procure gold in ways that harm both environment and society, not only working conditions but the mining processes too have drawn public attention.


Sadly, there is simply not enough available fair trade gold to supply all gold smiths and jewelers. This is why DiamondsByMe aims to recycle gold where possible. Through recycling we seek to maintain a sustainable business practice.

In addition to our own efforts of creating a sustainable business practice we ask you to help us achieve that goal. We offer you the unique chance of turning your old gold into your new jewelry. More information on this can be found here.

Agreement on Responsible Gold

In order to make a big difference as a small nation the Dutch gold sector and CSR Netherlands launched a joint scheme to achieve a responsible international production chain, this scheme led to the signing of an agreement on International Responsible Business Conduct of Companies in The Netherlands with Gold or Gold Bearing Materials in Their Value Chain”. This agreement ensures transparency of the production chain, all the way from mining the gold to its eventual reuse. Special attention is paid to such topics as human rights, environment, and biodiversity.
More information on the Agreement on Responsible Gold can be found here .

Conflict Free Diamond

For many the words ‘blood diamond’ evoke images of precious red gemstones or extremely rare jewels. Sadly the meaning of this name is not related to the appearance or rarity of a diamond, instead the name refers to the blood that is shed in its procurement.
After the discovery of diamonds in Africa many questions were raised concerning the proper way of mining the gems. One of the main concerns were diamonds that were being sold to finance civil wars. The profits turned from selling those diamonds were used to buy weaponry and other means to slaughter people and project power.
To stop this trade and the resulting conflicts once and for all the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was established. This process consists of an international joint effort to isolate and exclude blood diamonds from the diamond industry. The philosophy behind the process is that the diamonds cannot be used to finance wars if they cannot be sold.
More information on the Kimberley Process can be found here.

Lab Grown Diamonds

DiamondsByMe is the first Dutch retailer to promote the selling of Lab Grown Diamonds used in our jewelry.
“We believe that Lab Grown Diamonds will offer the customer more options for better prices. Additionally we believe the use of Lab Grown Diamonds will lead to a more sustainable business practice that positively impacts environment and society.”
If you want to know more about our Lab Grown Diamonds, click here.