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Earrings are universal. They’re a birthday present, something special for an anniversary, graduation, milestone event or just to treat yourself. DiamondsByMe offers a range of studs, pendants, hoops, drop styles, and modern designs to suit any style and budget. You can browse our collection online and make a choice, or use it as a jumping off point for your own unique pair of exclusive earrings. All of our designs can be customized by choice of metal like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum and gemstones - you don’t have to create your own design to get a look that’s all you.

Studs are discreet, simple, classic and a sign of eternal style. They coordinate with any outfit and hairstyle, and can say so much with just two small gemstones. Studs in our exclusive earrings range can work for any cut or color of diamond, and don’t have to be small. We’ve also got innovative looks such as a round peridot framed by a gold band, or the Cornelia Oval with its diamond-topped prongs presenting an oval cut garnet.

Our pendant and drop earrings are delicate and light, giving that extra bit of movement which highlights the stones’ brilliance. Choose from a teardrop stone, standing out to accentuate its hanging shape, or tiny round cut sapphires hanging on silver chains. Our range of exclusive earrings really is as wide as your imagination can take you.

Hoop earrings emulate the eternity and symbolism of rings. They frame the earlobe for a classic, laid back style. Enhance your exclusive earrings with a twirling row of gemstones or a twist of contrasting metal for instant glamor.

If you want to keep the main earring simple, such as with the Idalia range in rose gold, a really striking feature is to add a row of diamonds to the hook. Our exclusive earrings range is all about finding your perfect gemstone and setting it in the pair that you want. There’s nothing like a pair of earrings to complete your look and make you feel your best.

Exclusive jewelry

We don’t only offer you a custom design that’s all yours from start to finish with our unique digital design and traditional craft process. DiamondsByMe’s earrings are part of our exclusive jewelry range, ready-designed to stand out and make a statement, or just complement your look and let you shine. Other exclusive collections at DiamondsByMe are exclusive engagement rings and exclusive rings.

Your unique earrings

If you want to stray from the path and slip on a pair of unique earrings only you will have, DiamondsByMe has what you’re looking for. Dream up pretty much any combination of style, setting, metal and gemstone and we’ll have it, customize it, or make it for you! What really makes our unique earrings is the quality and attention to detail in our design process. We take pride in mixing old crafting techniques with new, taking the best of traditional goldsmith knowledge and opening it up using innovative design and molding techniques.

Timeless and unique diamond earrings

They are eternal, and there’s nothing more classic than a pair of diamond earrings, except perhaps a pair of unique diamond earrings. Anyone who’s lucky enough to receive a pair never forgets, and will always treasure the special memories behind the gift. While nobody’s ever said no to the timeless diamond studs, the movement and placement of earrings is a unique way to showcase a diamond’s brilliance. We love the Dahlia range - a cluster of round diamonds set into white gold stars; or perhaps it’s an amethyst nestled among a ring of gold and diamonds to catch your eye. We truly can bring to life whatever takes your fancy, so let your creativity and imagination run wild.

Design and buy exclusive earrings online

DiamondsByMe’s philosophy rests on several cornerstones, all which are about bringing unique jewelry directly to you. This commitment to craftsmanship is rarely seen, and we’re the world’s only company offering a fully-customizable, bespoke design jewelry service. Out exclusive earrings are available online, and can be chosen, bought and designed by you, wherever you are, before you even set foot in our dedicated production studio. Furthermore, we don’t keep stock as all our jewelry is made to order. This means that we’re able to keep fair prices as we don’t have the expense of storage, and assure you that each piece was made just as you chose it. If you have your own design or you would like to design something by us then please check out our bespoke service for more information.

Perfected by you, crafted by us.