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Beautiful Custom Bracelets

DiamondsByMe offer you the rare chance to create your own piece of bespoke jewelry, exactly as you want it. Whether you’re looking for a unique birthday present for a loved one or usually struggle to find the ideal bracelet to suit you, we have a wide selection of beautiful custom bracelet designs which you can personalize to match your style. This can be an extra special gift for a friend, family member or partner, incorporating your own creative input to form an exclusive and thoughtful bracelet, suitable for any occasion.
Our expert team use their specialist expertise alongside modern technology to create every bracelet upon order. We never hold stock, we offer a fully bespoke service to each customer at a fraction of the normal cost. You can be as creative or as minimal with your personalization as you’d like, making sure you find the perfect custom bracelet for whoever you have in mind.

Bracelet Types

From the glamorous to the classic, DiamondsByMe cater for every style. Our custom bracelets include diamond-studded bangles, heart designs and tennis bracelets; no matter the recipient there is something to suit every taste.
Select from our wide range of stunning bracelet designs as a base point and alter the gemstone and precious metals used for an individual custom bracelet you won’t find anywhere else. Having such freedom around the elements used enables you to create a gift which both suits your recipient and your budget.

If you have something specific in mind, we also offer a unique jewelry creation service, working with you to make the ideal piece of jewelry, tailored to your desires. This luxury service is offered at a fair and affordable price, giving you the opportunity to design an exclusive bracelet.

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets feature a set of diamonds or other precious stone, usually covering the entire length of the bracelet. Glitzy but lightweight, they give the wearer a sense of glamour without being uncomfortable or overbearing. Our range of stunning tennis bracelets are available in a selection of widths and can be personalized with a choice of precious metals, allowing you to create the ideal tennis bracelet for your loved one. Give as a birthday gift and incorporate the wearer’s birthstone to make it extra special or stick with the traditional diamond for a bracelet which is classic yet extravagant.

Gold bracelets

Designed to stand the test of time, we have a wide selection of gold bracelet base designs for you to choose from. Not only has gold jewelry been favored by wearers for centuries, the precious metal is one of the most durable and will sustain daily wear flawlessly. Choose traditional yellow gold for a classic look or opt for a rose or white gold finish for a modern update, even platinum is available. DiamondsByMe can create gold bracelets for any occasion, be it a luxury 50th wedding anniversary gift or a personal birthday present for a friend.

Diamond bracelets

From the modest to the luxe, diamond bracelets make for an unbeatable gift. Our diamond bracelets feature styles including customizable diamond initials, diamond solitaires and heart designs. As one of the hardest natural materials in the world, the diamond is the perfect way to symbolize your everlasting love and affection whilst providing the wearer with a piece of bespoke jewelry which is durable and glamorous. DiamondsByMe are proud to be registered members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, ensuring that all our diamonds and precious metals have been ethically sourced for added peace of mind. Choose from a range of suitable metals and designs, adding a splash of color by mixing with our other precious stones for an exclusive diamond bracelet.


One of the oldest known types of bracelet in the world, the bangle has remained a popular choice with lady's for centuries. DiamondsByMe have an extensive selection of gold bangles which can be personalized to create a look which is classy and traditional or colorful and on-trend. Made up of a solid piece of precious metal with no clasp, the gold bangle results in an impressive, noticeable look and is also harder to lose. The bangle is the perfect way to jazz up every day wear or complete an elegant evening outfit.