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Return and Exchange

You have received the package containing the jewelry! It is possible that the jewelry will not fit or is unfortunately not what you expected. On this page you can read more about the trial period we offer you.

60-day trial period at DiamondsByMe

Each piece of jewelry from DiamondsByMe is made to order, which means that our products are uniquely made for the customer in the chosen size, metal and set with any precious stones. This means that all products are made especially for you and do not fall under the law on remote selling for e-commerce, which is usually 14 days. Even if our jewelry is uniquely made for you, we offer you a 60-day trial period if the conditions are met.
Our advice is to check immediately after receipt of the item that it has been delivered undamaged and complete. If this is not the case, we kindly ask you to contact us within 48 hours of receipt. If the package is damaged on arrival, please refuse to accept it and call us on +31 10 747 0000.
During the 60-day trial period you may of course view, assess and/or try on the jewelry as you would be allowed to do in an actual shop. Don't forget to be careful. Please note that the handmade jewelry is made of precious metals that can scratch and we cannot take back jewelry that has been damaged or scratched in any way.
You can request a return or exchange by following the steps below. DiamondsByMe is not responsible for lost or damaged return shipments.

How to prepare a return or exchange of the product

We advise customers to always send the parcel by registered mail (signature for receipt) in case of loss or damage. If you return a package to us by registered mail, you shall bear the costs for the return shipment. Returns will be processed and assessed in the order in which they are received. You will be kept informed of the status. Returns will be handled within 14 days of receipt. The purchase amount, including any outward shipping costs, will be refunded immediately during processing. Have you chosen to pay by in3? If the order is revoked, the payment obligation of in3 will also lapse In order to process your return or exchange request as well and as quickly as possible, we ask you to follow the step-by-step plan below;

  1. Please inform us of your return shipment. Call us on +31 10 747 0000 or e-mail
  2. Prepare the return shipment. Add the return card or our return form (via the right mouse button 'save as') to the order. Fill these in as much detail as possible and indicate whether you wish to exchange or repair the product or whether you wish to receive your purchase price back. However, a return is always assessed by our returns department to see if the product meets our return conditions.
  3. Send the return shipment to DBM BV as advised in the original packaging or other solid packaging.
    For the attention of the exchange and returns department. The address:
    Rijsdijk 146
    3161 EW Rhoon

Exchange or return

If you are not satisfied with the item, you can return it within 60 days. The exchange of an item is considered as a new order. You can return the old order within the trial period and pass on the new order to us via e-mail Some items cannot be returned or exchanged. These are:

  • Returns where the product is not received by the returns department within 60 days.
  • Engraved jewelry, other than engravings on the inside of rings, may not be returned. Jewellery with a laser engraving on the inside of the ring can, however, be returned for the purchased amount where a reduction in value of EUR 30 applies. Any engraving costs are non-refundable.
  • Special orders, in which the jewelry is designed by the customer or set with specific and/or own precious stones, are final sales and are not eligible for return or exchange of another product.
  • Modified and adapted jewelry by third parties may not be returned.
  • Returns where the product is not in a new condition and shows traces of use, such as, general wear and tear, scratches, dents, stains on the precious metal or any other form of damage.
  • Incomplete return where not all parts, return card or return form are present. These returns will be put on hold after receipt so that the customer can add the missing parts. If we do not receive the missing parts, DiamondsByMe can claim a reduction in value.
  • Purchases over EUR 10,000 each. In these cases DiamondsByMe offers a return policy that suits you, please contact us in advance and we will set a trial period and conditions that suit you.
  • Returns where the ring is not adjustable in ring size due to the model. See items that cannot be adjusted. However, these jewels can be returned for the purchased amount where a reduction in value applies.
  • Ordered jewelry where a credit has been used will not be refunded but will be returned in credit.
  • Special product compositions in which the jewelry does not have colorless gemstones if it has side stones are returned for the purchased amount where a reduction in value applies.

Please note that each customer is permitted to return one piece of jewelry, that meets the terms and conditions. Any following order is considered a final sale once the previous jewelry piece is returned.

You shall bear the costs for the return shipment. If an article is exchanged due to an error on our part or due to a defect, we will of course bear the costs.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have chosen the 'acceptgiro' payment method for your order, we always advise you to complete the payment. Even if you return a model or wish to exchange it, we advise you to pay the AfterPay invoice. This prevents unwanted increases while we are processing your return or exchange request.

Changing ring size

If you buy a ring from us, in most cases it can be custom made. If the ring has to be reduced by one ring size, we charge a special rate starting at €15 for gold and silver rings within the 60-day trial period, including reshipment. For an enlargement to a maximum of 1 size within the trial period, the starting rate is €20 for gold and silver.
Different prices apply for rings made of platinum and rings set around with precious stones. We will be happy to give you an estimate first.
The jewelry offered for repair will be processed and assessed in the order in which it is received. You will be kept informed of this. As soon as we know more about the warranty, we will present this solution to you as soon as possible. The repair period is between 8 and 14 working days after which the jewelry can be returned.

Items that cannot be adjusted

Fully set eternity rings, vintage rings or rings with extraordinary details cannot be adapted in order to maintain the model. So pay extra attention that you order the right ring size when purchasing these rings.
For help in determining the correct ring size, please contact Customer Service or use our online help with ring sizes.

After we have received the return shipment

After receipt of the return shipment we will send you a confirmation of receipt and the jewelry will be forwarded to our workshop for quality control. In case of defects or an incomplete return, we will contact you for further processing.

If the return of the handmade product complies with the conditions, the purchase amount will be refunded to the payment details known to us. Please bear in mind that after the holidays there will be more packages in the exchange and returns department so processing will take longer than usual.

Cancelling or changing an order

If you wish to change or cancel your order, please call our customer service on +31 10 747 0000. We will inform our workshop as soon as possible about changes and cancellations relating to the creation of jewelry. Some changes to an item of jewelry may result in costs and delays and a later dispatch date. We are unable to process any changes or cancellations of orders that have already been dispatched.
Diverting packages to alternative addresses is not possible if the package is already on its way. For questions about changes of address during transit, please contact the carrier.