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Fantasy engagement rings

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If you find yourself on this page of our website, then you must have chosen to take the plunge, and ask your partner to marry you. Luckily, we have just the engagement ring for your special occasion!

Maybe these are your first steps into the wide world of engagement rings. Or perhaps you already have an idea of what the perfect ring will be. One thing is certain, at DiamondsByMe you can let your imagination run free, and create your own fantasy with our selection of fantasy engagement rings.

A Fantasy come true

When you propose, then of course you will need a gorgeous engagement ring to mark the occasion. How will you surprise your bride-to-be? Have her fantasies come true by giving her a ring she always dreamed of. Our fantasy engagement rings will do just that. And even more so, because we offer you amazing opportunities. The sky is the limit when it comes to all the available options. Whichever ring you choose, you can be certain it will not be a ring for those who wish to play it on the safe side. A fantasy ring not only offers design filled with delicate lines and remarkable shapes, but the extraordinary precious stones will make her a distinguishing engagement ring. Like none other.

A Fantasy Ring of your own design

Of course, next to the rings we offer in our online collection, it is possible to have her fantasy come true by creating her a special design. Something custom made, and completely unique. Our designers and goldsmiths are more than happy to help you do just that. Our team of experts will gladly discuss the options of a bespoke engagement ring with you, and create something the world has never seen.

How does it work?

  1. First you give us an idea of what you have in mind
  2. Then our designers start working their magic, by creating you your custom design
  3. After you approve of the design, our goldsmiths come in to play
  4. Our goldsmiths will create your fantasy completely by hand
  5. Your gorgeous engagement ring is shipped to you, accompanied by a handwritten certificate mentioning all the used materials, as well as the name of the goldsmith who created this fantasy
  6. You will amaze her with your thoughtfulness creating her such a special design, and she will definitely say YES!

Fantasy engagement rings with endless possibilities

Our unique fantasy engagement rings distinguish themselves by their diversity. Whatever her tastes, you will find the perfect ring in our collection. All of our rings are of an extraordinary design with their elegant lines. However, for those in search of a classic engagement ring or perhaps a modern engagement ring, DiamondsByMe has lots to offer as well. We have a wide and various collection of classic and modern rings available. Each ring can be adjusted to suit her tastes. For more special rings we also have our unique engagement rings collection. A ring is something very personal. So, it is of the utmost importance that the perfect engagement ring will match her personality and style. All of our fantasy rings define themselves by their character and individuality and will be worn with pride.

Your ideal fantasy ring is only a few steps away. Customize the design you like by choosing the precious metal. We offer three types of precious metal:

  • Silver
  • Gold (yellow gold, white gold and rose gold)
  • Platinum

Next you can choose the precious stone. May we suggest a diamond engagement ring? Diamond is the perfect choice to tell her how you feel. And not only do we offer white diamond, but also brown diamond, black diamond engagement rings, and rings with lab grown diamonds. Each diamond is carefully selected, and of the finest quality. If you choose a diamond of 0,3 carats or more, then it will be accompanied by a GIA or HRD certificate. Certifying that your diamond is of that special quality.

Craftsmanship and Quality

With our fantasy rings, as with each and every ring in our collection, you can count on craftsmanship of the finest quality. Our goldsmiths combine ancient techniques with highly modern technology. Thanks to our unique formula we can offer you the best prices. We are completely independent, and do not work with in-between parties. When you choose DiamondsByMe, you will be directly at the source.

So, go ahead, and let your imagination run its course. We are sure you will find her that one beautiful sparkler, and make her fantasy come true!