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Platinum Solitaire rings

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Platinum is the most prestigious and pure precious metal used in ring making, favored for its strength and unique natural shine. As it never needs re-plating and requires little maintenance, platinum is the best choice for those with a higher budget. DiamondsByMe offer a range of beautiful platinum solitaire rings, available with diamonds of the finest quality and clarity, enabling you to select the perfect gift for any occasion. Next to the solitaire ring we also have a wide range of different styles like Halo rings, Memoire rings, cluster rings and three stone engagement rings.

Choosing your precious metal and gemstones

We are proud to be members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, guaranteeing that all the platinum and diamonds we use are sourced from reputable areas. A platinum diamond solitaire ring looks beautiful as a stand-alone piece or when paired up with stone-set or plain platinum bands, making it the ideal gift for a special occasion. As well as diamonds of all shapes and sizes, our platinum solitaire rings can be formed using a range of gorgeous gemstones, allowing you to add a splash of color or select a birthstone for a thoughtful and unique present. Furthermore, for those brides-to-be with an allergy for certain metals, the platinum engagement ring is a perfect choice due to its hypoallergenic quality.

Platinum solitaire ring by your own design

Each of our platinum solitaire rings can be customized, adding the diamond or gemstone of your choice to suit both your recipient and your budget. Along with a range of stunning styles, DiamondsByMe also offer an affordable bespoke jewelry service, which allows you to form the perfect solitaire ring design from scratch. Our team of highly-recommended jewelers will work from your sketches and ideas, utilizing both traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create an exclusive engagement ring.

Platinum Engagement Rings

As a piece of jewelry which your bride will wear every day for the rest of your lives together, platinum is the optimum choice of material for an engagement ring. The rarest and strongest of the precious metals commonly used in jewelry making, platinum engagement rings are sought after for their durability and exclusive look and feel.

Although the initial cost of a platinum engagement ring is higher than white gold, the choice can work out to be more cost-effective due to never needing to be recoated and retaining its superb white sheen even with daily wear and tear. Alongside the practical benefits of the metal, our beautiful platinum engagement rings offer a glamorous and glitzy look which can be used to form a variety of styles and finishes.

Platinum Promise Rings

The meaning of a promise ring varies between couples but remains a highly personal and significant symbol of commitment to each other. Whether this is the step before an engagement or marking a milestone in your relationship, our platinum promise rings help you to take the next step with a beautiful and impressive design your partner will be proud to wear forevermore.

Complimenting the unique style of each woman, we have a whole host of different base designs, including platinum solitaire rings which can be personalized by adding a diamond or other precious stone of your choice for a timeless, elegant feel. You may also like to opt for a three-stone ring, with each stone representing your past, present and future together as a couple, or treat your partner to a modern and glamorous halo-style ring, incorporating as much or as little color and character as you please.

Glamour and exclusivity brought to you by DiamondsByMe

At DiamondsByMe we only work with the best artisan goldsmiths, setters and engravers the jewelry world has to offer. This way we can provide you with platinum solitaire rings of the finest quality. A platinum ring purchased at DiamondsByMe will assure you of a one-of-a-kind piece, that will endure a lifetime. Because we only provide the best possible service, we recently introduced our exclusive lifetime warranty program. With this program, the maintenance of your ring will be provided for. Read more about it in our online education center.

Each ring we create will be handled carefully and shipped to your doorstep. DiamondsByMe provides each jewel with:

  • A luxury box, accentuating the beauty of the platinum ring
  • A handwritten certificate, on which you will find all the information regarding your gemstones and precious metals. Furthermore, you will find the name of the goldsmith who created your ring
  • A GIA or HRD certificate for diamonds of 0,3 carats or more
  • A polishing cloth, with which you can keep your platinum ring nice and clean

Because we know how personal an engagement is, we also offer a free engraving service on the inside of the ring. When you propose, remind her of a special moment by adding a small text engraving. Now we would like to invite you to browse our collection of platinum solitaire rings and start the next chapter of your future life together!