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    Design your own artisan ring with white pearl

    Choose your preferred metal, stone and more – or create your own from scratch Taking the classic string of pearls to the next level, white pearl rings are the modern way to wear pearl. If you are looking for something a little different but still classic and oozing with style- a pearl ring is the way to go. Mixing vintage and contemporary design, white pearl rings are both timeless and fashionable. An ideal choice for the timeless, classy and fashion forward woman that you are.

    Available in a range of styles, there is always the option to adding a stunning pair of pearl earrings to create an exquisite set. For those looking for an extra edge, put a twist on classic white pearl with black, brown or grey pearl when you customize your selection using our online configurator.

    About white pearl

    The simplicity of white pearl as the center stone of any ring speaks volumes. Choose an understated style with a single pearl in the center, or a more intricate design with additional gemstones for effect. The smaller stones will enhance the soft shine of the pearl. A pearl can be formed in nature or cultivated by people. Whether natural or cultivated, the pearl is genuine. Furthermore, there are sweet water and saltwater pearls. The sweet water pearls are formed in mussels, and can be found in some European countries, North America, China and Japan. Whereas saltwater pearls are grown in oysters and are mostly cultivated in Asian countries.

    Prized by kings and queens throughout the ages, white pearl is the ultimate sign of glamour and elegance. Rare and expensive, pearls have long been the standard for something of great value and are still worn by Europe’s royal families today. A beautiful gemstone, white pearl is a symbol of love, femininity and a long-lasting relationship. Its stunning light coloring and shimmering rounded shape, dazzles and glitters as it reflects the light.

    Design your own white pearl ring

    At DiamondsByMe we offer a small, but beautiful selection of white pearl rings. Each ring is designed in a way that highlights the pearl. And the great thing of each model is that you can customize it anyway you like. So, if instead of white pearl set in white gold you prefer a rose gold ring with black pearl, no problem! See the changes in real time as you customize your pearl ring to suit your individual taste – change the metal, surrounding stones and more.

    We recommend you choose a light colored metal to reflect the glistening white pearl. See how different metals change the look of your ring on screen. Experiment with different surrounding stones and more. See it all come to life on screen before you buy your ring.

    Rings with white pearl tell a story

    Precious stones have been formed within millions of years, and they are delved from mines. Pearls however, although just as rare, are found in the sea.

    Pearls are created by a select variety of mollusks, of which the oyster is most commonly known. However, not every oyster creates pearls; this is what makes them so special. When stumbling upon a rare or unique object, it's no wonder people often call these pearls.

    The meaning of pearl

    There is more than one reason as to why the pearl is so popular. Next to their unique and classy appearance, they own a certain mystic value. To many cultures all over the world, pearls have a special meaning, or are of symbolic value. Buying a pearl ring in many cultures is seen as more than a nice purchase. Simply because of the pearl's meaning. In some parts of Asia, the pearl is seen as a symbol of wisdom, eternity or immortality, while the ancient Greeks see this special mineral as a symbol of love. Many people worldwide are convinced that the pearl has a positive influence on the mind and the physical well being. So, if you choose a pearl ring, you are sure to find a beautiful story to go with it.

    Next to the symbolism, the pearl is also the birthstone for the month of June. So if you are born in June and would like to purchase a birthstone ring, then the pearl is definitely the stone to choose.

    A pearl ring from DiamondsByMe

    If your opting to choose a pearl ring, then DiamondsByMe is the place to be. Not only can we assure you we create rings with a beautiful appearance; we also guarantee that your pearl ring is made of the highest quality materials. Our experienced craftsmen and reasonable prices are all part of our unique formula.

    DiamondsByMe offers a wide variety within our jewelry collection, and each design can be adjusted to suit your own taste. This way you can easily personalize your own ring, like for instance a gold ring with white pearl. We also offer a choice of precious metals and settings. A white gold ring with pearl to many is a classic vintage ring, but no matter what you choose, whether it be a pearl ring or for instance a rose gold ring wearing a diamond, you are sure to find the ring of your dreams with us.

    Purchasing a pearl ring means buying a unique and exclusive ring. If you are not looking for a ring for yourself or as a gift, but simply to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear around your neck, then a pearl necklace is a perfect choice. A choice that we will gladly assist you in.

    Know that when you purchase a piece of jewelry from DiamondsByMe, you can count on:

    • the best quality materials
    • experienced and specialized goldsmiths
    • a unique in-house formula with the best prices
    • conflict-free materials
    • personal service
    • free shipping to most countries

    We will gladly help you to find a beautiful ring with white pearl or a pearl necklace. If you have any questions regarding rings with white pearl (or other types of jewelry) then don't hesitate to contact us. We're glad to help you find your dream jewelry!