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Rose gold earrings have a red-pinkish color tone. Next to rose gold, this color is also called red gold. All earrings in our collection can be personalized to rose gold if you so choose. That way you can have your earrings match beautifully with that rose gold watch you own, or those rose gold rings!

Rose gold earrings are the epiphany of femininity. This is a modern color, and increasingly popular amongst jewelry wearers and beyond. Because even gadgets like smartphones and smartwatches these days are available in rose gold.

Rose gold earrings distinguish themselves from the traditional silver of gold earrings. And it matches beautifully with white gold. So opt for a two-tone earring. Furthermore rose gold matches perfectly with several types of precious stones like diamonds, which give a unique and glamorous look. But you should definitely try and see how rose gold matches with amethyst, brown diamond, smokey quartz, blue topaz or aquamarine!

How rose gold gets its rozy tone

Rose gold is created by adding copper to yellow gold. This type of alloy is very common in the jewelry making world. Should you choose your jewelry to be made of pure, 24 carat gold, then you wouldn't be able to enjoy it for long. This is because pure gold is too soft. An alloy of gold and copper makes the material stronger, which is a must when it comes to jewelry.

Rose gold earrings, like the white or yellow gold versions, can be created in gold of 9, 14 or 18 carat. You can choose the alloy yourself using our configurator while personalizing your earrings. The higher the carat, the more pure gold is added to the alloy. This of course makes it also more expensive. We will gladly advise you regarding the carat that's most suitable for you. E-mail or call us whenever you like.

Different models of rose gold earrings

Rose gold earrings can be ordered at DiamondsByMe in various designs. Hoop earrings, drop earrings and stud earrings... exactly what you are looking for. Something striking? Something subtle? Of course, you can make each pair of rose gold earrings as extravagant as you like. Because if the design contains precious stones, you can choose your own taste of stones, and your color. In most cases, you can even choose the size of the stones. This way each pair of rose gold earrings will become a genuine eye-catcher. We divided the collection into different styles like vintage, classic, modern and exclusive to make it easier for you to make a choice.

Rose gold stud earrings

Rose gold stud earrings are very elegant. Opt for a pair of rose gold studs set with a center stone. These are minimal earrings, with a maximum effect. Of course, we also carry more exuberant designs. These stud earrings will be ideal when worn for both business and pleasure. This makes them ultimately perfect for each and every occasion.

Rose gold drop earrings

Do you prefer a pair of striking rose gold earrings? Then you should definitely check our rose gold drop earrings. The name says it all: these earrings have a pendant as a focal point. They are usually larger than studs, and the drops playfully hang underneath.

A jewelry set: rose gold ring or necklace

Do you prefer combining several pieces of jewelry at a time? Then it's nice to have your rose gold earrings match your ring or your necklace. Good to know that each ring rose gold necklace can be personalized in our configurator as well. Create a stunning set of earrings and a necklace, but make sure you choose the same alloy for both. That way you can rest assured, that all the pieces of jewelry will have exactly the same color tone.

If you're finding it hard to find a ring or pendant to match your rose gold earrings, then we'll gladly assist you. Our team will tell you all about your possibilities of creating a rose gold jewelry set. Contact us today!