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Rose Gold Drop Earrings: Modern and Extravagant

Are you a modern-day woman with an adventurous spirit? Then you will most certainly love our collection of rose gold drop earrings. Rose gold has become THE color for luxury items the last few years and is a color here to stay.
The great thing about rose gold is, you can turn a vintage or traditional design into something very from the now. Or you can opt for one of our modern earrings designs. Earrings that are sure to turn a few heads.
Peek at our collection of traditional, modern and extravagant designs, and start building your own rose gold drop earrings now!

Other colors

The great thing about building your own gold drop earrings is, you can alter the precious metals and gemstones, and determine exactly how you like your earrings to look. Maybe your mind is set on rose gold, but on second thought, you actually like white gold drop earrings better. Then with one click on your mouse, select white gold in the configurator, and your rose gold drop earrings will be altered to white gold ones.

Or perhaps you wish for rose gold earrings but are looking for a less classic choice in regard to the precious stones. Then we have a nice tip for you: how about altering the diamonds you see online to brown diamonds or rhodolite or a combination of the two? This will certainly make for an extraordinary and stunning pair of earrings.

Bespoke earrings

Now that you know more about the options we offer through our online configurator, we also would like to inform you about our bespoke earrings service.
With this service you can have your very own design wishes brought to life. This will create you a unique one-of-a-kind pair of drop earrings, because we will never recreate your custom design for other customers.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Contact our customer service through e-mail with as many details as possible concerning your wishes for a custom design. Our customer service team will discuss your wishes with our designers and make you an estimate of the price.
If you wish to, our designers will then create you a 3D render of your custom design, after which our team will send you the quotation.
If you agree on the design and price, and wish to order your custom designed drop earrings, then our goldsmiths will start working their magic, and bring your rose gold drop earrings to life. Within a couple of weeks, your custom-made earrings will be shipped to your doorstep.
It’s this easy!

The benefits of DiamondsByMe drop earrings

We are sure we’ve convinced you of the ease of ordering your rose gold drop earrings with DiamondsByMe. However, we would like you to consider the following as well:

  • Each piece of jewelry is created by hand by expert goldsmiths, and only after and when the jewel is ordered. We do not maintain a stockpile.
  • All gemstones are carefully selected on their quality. You can rest assured knowing that we only work with the finest gemstones.
  • DiamondsByMe strives for sustainable trading. That is why we use recycled gold. This will limit the impact on the environment. Note that all our gold is checked on quality.
  • All our gemstones come from conflict-free mines.
  • Each jewel is carefully checked before it is shipped to you. That way we can assure the quality of all our jewelry.
  • Shipping is free to most countries.
  • You will enjoy a 60 days trial period for all the jewelry ordered through our website. Should you decide to return your rose gold drop earrings within that time, then you will receive a refund of the purchase value, if unworn and undamaged. Custom designs however are excluded from this trial period.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all our jewelry. Although we create all jewelry with sustainability in mind, your drop earrings may in time need some maintenance. Then check the terms and conditions of our lifetime warranty program, to keep your earrings in tip-top shape.
Bring your fantasy to life

So, if you think of a pair of custom designed drop earrings, and have your fantasy come to life, think of DiamondsByMe. Not only will the best goldsmiths the Netherlands have to offer work on your design, your fantasy earrings will be created using the finest metals and precious stones.