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The perfect engagement ring

How do I choose the perfect engagement ring?

Hello, my name is Tamara and I was a goldsmith for 5 years . Meanwhile, I advise customers for nearly 10 years at DiamondsByMe. But how do you choose the perfect engagement ring? I wrote this to help you all find your perfect ring. When searching for the right ring I advise to divide it into four blocks. This makes it a bit clearer. The various steps that I want to discuss with you are as followed:

  • Step 1: Budget
  • Step 2: The color and precious metal
  • Step 3: The ring
  • Step 4: The Diamond


The budget is usually the most important thing to begin with. Securing a budget allows you to look more specifically. You immediately have an overview in mind what is possible with your budget. you can easily set your own budget on the site.


The Color

The Color of gold is off course a personal choice, but I can tell you which combinations are most frequently sold. A frequently sold combination is, for example, a bicolor gold ring. The ring combines two metals: yellow gold and white gold. The band is yellow gold and the part that holds the stone is white gold. The other most common choice is an entirely white gold ring. Diamonds will sparkle the most in white gold. Another metal that is often used for engagement rings is platinum. This is a more expensive material than gold because it has a persistent fine white color and is less likely to scratch. On the website you can easily play with the different colors of precious metals that we have. But, most importantly, just take a look at the jewelry of your fiancé to be. This often already gives an impression of what they like. Are you still stuck? Do not hesitate to take a picture and contact us so we can help you with choosing the perfect engagement ring.

The precious metal

When you have chosen the color of the precious metal you have to decide on the content of the gold. In the Netherlands, 14 carat gold is most frequently sold . The rings from about 1500 Euro are most frequently sold in 18 carat gold or platinum. When you change the content, you immediately see the difference. With white gold you see no color difference, but yellow-gold turns more blank as the content lowers. Need more information about the different levels? We have explained this in detail on this page:


This is perhaps the most difficult step of the entire selecting process, namely choosing the style. There are many different types of engagement ring styles.

Traditional and Classic

The bestselling model for an engagement ring is the solitaire ring. With this ring the diamond is the central point and gets the complete attention. The diamond is placed in a setting with wire legs and stands higher on the band. The diamond is in an open setting which makes the light shine perfectly through the diamond. Our bestselling solitaire rings are.

Is this the model that you have in mind, but you want to have something more exuberant? Then the shoulder ring is a good choice for you. The center stone is still the most important, but the shoulder ring is accentuated by the side stones. Our most popular models are:

Glitter and Glamour

Does your beloved love glitter and glamour? Then a ring with a Pave setting might be what you need. In a Pave setting there are many stones together and alliance. This means that several stones are put together. With this kind of setting the light is beautifully reflected and the ring is noticeable. In an eternity ring you can choose different amounts of diamonds next to each other, for example, 3, 5, or 7 stones and even all the way around. In an eternity engagement ring it looks like the entire ring is made of diamonds and therefore shines beautifully. Below are some examples of our best sellers:

Exclusive rings

Are you looking for an exclusive ring, then there is also an option to choose for a nice big diamond with the classic model. The diamond is then pretty central. Below I listed some special exclusive models for you. Did you have an idea in mind, but it is not among the examples, or do you require more information? Feel free to contact us. We can help you in designing a beautiful engagement ring for your beloved.

Modern rings

Many modern rings have a sleek form. The combination of yellow gold and white gold is very beautiful in a modern ring. The bands are somewhat geometrical than traditional engagement rings. Below I have listed some examples for you.

Engagement rings with colored gemstones

An engagement ring with a colored gemstone is also possible, such as sapphire or ruby. At DiamondsByMe you have the option to choose from 15 different gemstones. Sapphire, ruby and emerald are the bestselling gemstones. Below are some examples of engagement rings with gemstones:

Vintage engagement rings

Finally, there are engagement rings with a vintage style. The rings have a special character and lots of details. Pearl edges and flower-like curls make these rings special. Below are some examples:


The gemstone that stands for an engagement ring is the diamond. A Diamond is the hardest gemstone that exists and is everlasting. In this way it symbolizes your eternal love. A Diamond is available in different cuts. The round cut is the most chosen with engagement rings, but you can also choose for a heart shape or a princess cut diamond for example. Here are some cuts:

On our website you can find more background information about the diamond. The main thing I want to share with you is that the color and clarity of a diamonds are important choices. On DiamondsByMe we sell two standard grades SI / G and VS / E. My advice is to choose for a minimum of SI. SI quality is also the most sold quality. When you go to VS quality, you generally can’t see any inclusions in the diamonds with the naked eye. The color ranges from pure white (also called blue-white) to yellow. D and E are the top colors and it runs down to X which is really yellow. The G-color that we sell in addition to the E-color is still pretty white, but is more yellow in addition to the E-color. Officially, the name is near colorless (white). If we put both qualities together than the VS / E quality will seem more beautiful.