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Bespoke Engraving Possibilities

Your jewelry with bespoke custom engraving! At DiamondsByMe we offer several different types of bespoke engraving, below you will find a list of our varied offers.

Engravings on the inside of the band

DiamondsByMe offers you the opportunity to create a bespoke ring with an engraving on the inside of the band. This engraving on the inside of the band is a service we provide at no additional cost. Engraving the inside of the band is possible for almost every band we offer, more information on the possibility of engraving will be available on the appropriate store page. It is possible to engrave a personalized message in the band of your bespoke ring through this service.
Through machine engraving we apply your personalized message using small print script.
The following symbols, characters, and numbers may be engraved:
♡ ∞ & – /
A - Z
0 - 9

We provide the maximum number of characters that can be engraved into the band of the ring. If you are considering an engraving that exceeds the maximum number of characters we might be able to use a laser engraving machine to achieve the desired result. Check below for more information.

Engravings on the outside of the band

Perhaps you prefer to proudly display your engraving. An engraving on the outside of the band ensures its visibility. DiamondsByMe does offer engravings on the outside of the band for bespoke rings. Whether you would like to have a fingerprint, heartbeat or child’s drawing engraved, these are all possibilities with our bespoke jewelry. Of course we can also engrave your nickname, favorite quote, or some other text to help personalize your bespoke jewelry that much more!
We use a laser engraving machine to engrave the ring or incorporate the engraving in the printing of our wax model before we use it to create a mold.

Our design specialists work with state-of-the-art 3D technology to create our jewelry. First a digital version of the ring is drawn in 3D software, this ring is then printed and cast. This means we have the option to incorporate an engraving into a drawing from the get-go, and cast the entirety of the bespoke ring including its engraving.
Furthermore, this state-of-the-art approach to engraving allows us to offer great value.

We offer engravings on the outside of the band from €30. Not every ring is suitable for the engraving process. We gladly provide you with expert advice, so do mail us your desired engraving and the model ring you are considering. Reach us at: We will look into the available options and get back to you as soon as possible

Monogram engraving on signet ring without set stone

Perhaps you prefer a cast signet ring without set stone but with engraving. Nearly every ring on available on our web page offers that possibility and can be turned into a piece of bespoke jewelry with hand engraving. A hand engraving is a sure way of adding a unique and personal touch to your bespoke jewelry. Nowadays the hand engraving as a discipline has all but disappeared, this is because machines have made the profession seemingly obsolete. In the Netherlands there is only one school left, located in the town of Schoonhoven, that teaches hand engraving. DiamondsByMe has access to some of the best masters of this rare trade, making us stand out in the bespoke jewelry business. Engraving by hand involves removing lines in the gold with specialist tools. Varying application of the tools leads to differently angled lines of varying depth, creating both shine and shadow. If you want to have your name or a different text engraved in your ring our prices range from around € 15 per character. A monogram engraved on a signet ring can cost as little as € 65. Because these bespoke rings are engraved by hand the estimated time of delivery will be 3-5 weeks after the order is confirmed.

Monogram engraving on signet ring with set stone

A monogram engraving is an engraving of initials. These monogram engravings come in many different styles. Rings with monograms from our catalogue are cast into one piece which makes damaging or losing the set stone less likely. Below you will find several examples of available monogram engravings. Engravings 1 to 6 are priced at 150 euros each. Engraving 7 is priced at 400 euros. If you would like to personalize your monogram any further, do contact us so we can provide you with information about pricing and options.

This engraving will be done by one of the best hand engraving experts available. With attention for detail and accompanying precision this master engraver will provide you’re the stone set on your signet ring with the desired monogram. The providing of hand engraving is an artisanal profession. In the Netherlands and Germany there are only a few hand engraving experts left who still practice the craftsmanship of old. Often machines are used instead, however, hand engraving makes your bespoke jewelry all the more special, and all the more personal. Please keep in mind that the additional services of a master craftsman may increase the estimated time of delivery by 4 to 6 weeks.

Designs 1 to 6: €195.- ; design 7: €495.-

Laser machine engraving

With a special laser engraving machine a laser engraving can be applied to a piece of bespoke jewelry. This allows for extreme precision in the engraving process. For example, it enables us to engrave finger prints, photographs, and other detailed images. Laser engraving allows for the engraving of fine lines and dots as well as deeper and wider lines. Engravings on the inside of the band, if they do not exceed the maximum number of characters, can be applied with a laser engraving machine as well.

Options include engraving a text in your favorite font or your own hand writing. Of course we offer many more options for customization, for example: images, photographs, fingerprints of loved ones, your child’s first drawing or even your company logo, etc. Using laser engraving we are able to customize your bespoke jewelry according to your wishes. Would you like to find out if your choice design can be engraved into a piece of bespoke jewelry? Send us your idea at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pricing for laser engraving starts at a minimum of €35,- Having a custom laser engraving done for your bespoke jewelry may take extra time. Consider that your order may take an extra 1 week to progress.

Heraldic coat of arms or crest engraving

A heraldic coat of arms or crest can be engraved in several different ways. At DiamondsByMe we in addition to the usual engraving services we offer the option to have a heraldic coat of arms or crest engraved directly into the band or into a stone. Click here for more information about engraving a crest in layer stone.

DiamondsByMe works with one of the best hand engraving specialists. When this option is chosen the engraving will be done by hand. The engraver uses specialist tools to engrave the desired image into your bespoke ring.

Heraldic coat of arms or crest engravings by our hand engraving expert are available from €110 each. The time needed to process your order will be considerably longer than it would be in case of an engraving that is printed first and then cast. The reason for a longer order processing time is the meticulous craftsmanship required by our expert, do take into account an additional 4-6 weeks on top of our standard estimated delivery time.

Heraldic coat of arms or crest engraving in layer stone

Our signet rings set with layer stone can all be engraved with the crests mentioned below. Look at the overview for an indication of pricing. Family crests have existed for centuries, some crests are incredibly detailed and others not so much. As a result the prices for engraving a custom coat of arms or crest may vary. Prices will depend on the amount of detail in the desired engraving. If you would like to know the exact pricing for the design you wish to have engraved on your bespoke jewelry, feel free to contact us! Our experts will gladly provide you with a price estimate.

In the past, family crests were engraved into a stamp for use on wax seals. These could be used as a means of signing official documents or sealing them.
By pressing the seal into hot wax and allowing the wax to cool and harden, the family crest was impressed into the wax seal. This way the recipient could easily distinguish who sent a letter or signed a document.

Nowadays family crests are engraved into signet rings or painted on canvas.
Nothing is quite as personal and unique as your own bespoke signet ring engraved with a personalized family crest.
These rings are often passed on to children or grandchildren.

DiamondsByMe works with one of the best hand engraving specialists. When this option is chosen the engraving will be done by hand just like with the monogram engraving.
The engraver uses specialist tools to engrave the desired image into the layer stone set into your bespoke ring. Keep in mind your order will take an extra 4-6 weeks to process. Would you like to know more about signet rings? Click here.

Personalized bespoke engraving

At DiamondsByMe we offer fully customizable bespoke jewelry.
For example, we can engrave the heartbeat, fingerprint or first drawing of your child. More information on engraving a fingerprint can be found here.

Personalized engravings can often be incorporated into the 3D drawing by our designers.
As such our designers are able to print a wax model of your ring with the engraving already on there.
The wax model is then used to create a mold in which your bespoke jewelry will be cast. We also offer Laser machine engraving as an option for engraving fingerprints.

Of course it is also possible to have your child’s favorite drawing engraved into your bespoke jewelry, or even a detailed photograph. We would love to help you in finding the bespoke jewelry of your dreams. Mail us your idea at and we will look into the details, process and pricing for you. Laser engraving services are available from €80 Engravings that are incorporated into the design of your bespoke ring are available from €30