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Platinum men's rings

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Signet rings
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Rolex style
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For men platinum is the ultimate precious metal for a ring. Platinum is the 'precious metal without weaknesses'. The ultimate symbol of manhood. At DiamondsByMe each men's ring can be ordered in platinum. Our collection of platinum men's rings is wide. And each platinum men's wedding ring, signet ring ad fingerprint ring is handmade specially for you in our own studio in the Netherlands.

Regarding platinum: a metal that never discolors

In our opinion platinum is the perfect metal for most men. Because although platinum is very valuable – even more rare than gold – it will always remain in perfect shape. By nature this metal is icy white and will never discolor. So you are sure your new platinum ring will stand the test of time.

Silver, white gold or platinum: the melting point

The unique thing about platinum is the high purity rate and the high density. The melting point of platinum is very high: it will only start melting at 1772 degrees Celsius. By comparison: gold's melting point is at 1064 degrees and that of silver is 961 degrees.

Platinum is hypoallergenic

Thanks to the purity of platinum the chance of developing an allergy to it is minimal. Platinum is also known as hypoallergenic precious metal. In contrast to gold and silver, platinum does not contain additives like copper or nickel. If you have a metal allergy, then you can rest assured that wearing a platinum hypoallergenic ring will not give you a rash or redness.

In DiamondsByMe's collection you will find platinum men's rings in all shapes and sizes. One thing each ring has in common: we offer wide rings for men. If not the band, then the setting or the top plate. Some men's rings are smooth, others have intricate designs like the Rolex style rings with ridges on the side, and others contain precious stones.

Platinum men's wedding ring

Planning a wedding? Then it's almost certain you are browsing for wedding rings. Definitely consider a platinum men's wedding ring. Because of all it's properties (mentioned above) platinum is the perfect metal for a wedding ring. Platinum for years has been a popular choice for exclusive engagement and wedding rings. We offer a range of wedding rings with smooth surfaces as well as intricate designs.

Special platinum fingerprint ring

One of the most special rings is one wearing a fingerprint. Like your son's, daughter's, partner's, father's or mother's fingerprint. The Lars ring and the Levi ring make it possible to have a fingerprint engraved in the top plate. We can create these rings in silver, gold and platinum. Take your fingerprint in the comfort of your own home, send us a clear scan, and our goldsmiths will cast or laser engrave it into the platinum.Lots of men wear a fingerprint ring around their pinky. A pinky ring that you will never take off; always wearing someone's personal print close by.

Silver, white gold or platinum signet rings

Next to our platinum men's wedding rings and the fingerprint rings, we also offer signet rings. Have it created in silver, gold or platinum. Clothes make the man, but with an authentic signet ring made of platinum you will definitely make a statement. Have it engraved as you like; with your initials, a monogram, your family crest... a specialized engraver will add the engraving you wish in your ring.

Ordering a platinum men's ring with DiamondsByMe will give you several guarantees:

  • We can offer you platinum men's rings at prices not found anywhere else. How is this possible? Because we do not keep stock, and each ring will only be created after it has been ordered.
  • Expect your order to ship within 12 business days (platinum rings and signet rings may take longer).
  • We offer a 60 days return policy on all website orders. So if you're not completely satisfied with your ring, you can easily return it.

Each and every day our team of designers and goldsmiths is working on new designs, offering you a wide variety of choices. Do you have a specific design in mind, but you cannot find it anywhere? Then request a special quotation for your own special men's ring. We bet that we can make you an offer that will astound you!