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Rose gold men's ring: a beautiful statement

Did you ever consider a rose gold men's ring? Lots of men choose silver or yellow gold. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but rose gold does offer a beautiful and stylish change.

The meaning of rose gold

Rose gold is increasingly popular among men. Pantone in 2016 awarded rose gold color of the year, and suppliers like Apple nowadays offer their products in this particular color. More and more men choose to wear rose gold, and that is why we would like to highlight our beautiful rose gold men's rings.

Rose gold did not reach its popular status until the 19th century. Back in the days yellow gold was the color of choice. However, in a relatively short amount of time, rose gold has reached the status of probably being the most chiq looking gold color. We have to thank Carl Fabergé for rose gold men's ring's popularity: he was the first to use an alloy of gold and copper which he processed in the world-famous eggs and jewels he created for the Russian tzars. Making rose gold the epiphany of luxury and prosperity. Rose gold flourished until the Twenties of the 20th century, but after that lost a large part of its popularity. Nowadays however, rose gold is back to its old status. Lots of men regard rose gold as more stylishly subdued then yellow gold.

Although rose gold and yellow gold are competing for first place, the combination of these two colors can make a dazzling appearance. Classic and modern: it will distinguish you. A rose gold men's ring can definitely be finished with yellow gold. Check out our Rolex style mens rings for the most beautiful combinations.

A rose gold signet ring: a classic with a twist

A signet ring of course is the eminent men's ring. The classic signet ring often is made of gold, but a rose gold signet ring is a beautiful variation of this traditional ring: a classic with a twist perfectly matching today's fashionable man. It is wearable, exclusive and distinguishes itself. We offer you the possibility to choose your own engraving in the seal or sardonyx stone, like for instance your initials, a family crest or a monogram. This will make your ring even more special. More regarding the possibilities of an engraving you will find in our education center.

How can we be of service?

Are you opting for a rose gold men's ring? Then you have found the right company! First of all because our experienced goldsmiths like no one know how to handle precious metals, and only work with the highest quality materials. They create rings according artisan craft, by using the latest techniques. Because we manage the complete process from start to finish in our own studio and do not work with third parties, we can offer your rose gold men's ring at a fair price. Next to the best price, we offer you the guarantee of the highest quality, and materials that come from conflict free mines.

In our collection you will find numerous rose gold men's rings: classic, modern, with or without stone. Use our online configurator to personalize your ideal ring. Can't exactly find what you're looking for? Then it is possible to have your own design ring created. 100% unique.

Have your design created by our team. Looking for a personal ring, then it is a nice idea to incorporate a personal element, like a fingerprint or a heartbeat. Contact us for more information. We will gladly be of service!