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Having been a part of cultural fashion and beauty since time began, jewelry is always timeless, but a piece given and shared between couples has a significance like no other. Engagement and wedding bands signify the most important time and person in your life, so what better than a classic ring. DiamondsByMe’s exclusive collection evokes the spirit of this age-old tradition.

Rings have been traced back as far as ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek times. They were often a plain affair, made of non-precious metals and with little embellishment. Moving through the middle ages and medieval times rings became more ornate, mostly used to signify wealth, status, membership, identity and achievement. Although used as a symbol of matrimony since much earlier, this tradition really became popular in the 1800s, with the new abundance and promotion of diamonds.

With such an illustrious history, it’s no wonder that these occasions have called upon the beauty and details of the classic rings of times gone by as jewelry has moved through its fashions. With DiamondsByMe’s collections taking inspiration from these designs and combining innovative techniques with ancient goldsmith practices, we bring you a range of exclusive pieces; the classic rings as old as time itself, tailored to your unique moments. Perfected by you, crafted by us.

Classic engagement rings

Nothing says forever like a diamond, and no ring quite signifies an engagement without one. Central, halo, companion and shoulder stones are all classic engagement ring styles. The band is typically delicate and rounded, perhaps with some movement, and usually forged from white gold or platinum to complement the brilliance of the diamonds.

One of our iconic classic engagement ring styles are the TIffy and Antonia ranges, with their thin, rounded, white gold or platinum bands, and single, raised brilliant cut diamond. The simple setting holds the diamond up to expose the maximum amount to light for ultimate shine and reflection. Add pave shoulders for a small update whilst maintaining that classic engagement ring look.

Classic solitaire engagement rings

The solitaire engagement ring was the first diamond engagement ring, and so the forerunner of many of the styles we see today. Solitaire simply means singly or one, and the showpiece central diamond in classic solitaire engagement rings symbolizes your partnership’s unity and your shared bond.

DiamondsByMe has many traditional and subtle solitaire engagement rings, but they don’t have to be simple. Designs such as the Mildred include the iconic, solo round stone, except with the extra embellishment of a diamond-studded surround and fully pave band.

Vintage antique rings

Classic rings don’t have to be simple, and much of these pieces’ history speaks of opulent and ornate designs, with clusters of colored, precious stones. Consider timeless, beloved rings, which captured the hearts of millions, like the Princess Diana, and now Kate Middleton, engagement ring.

Some of our favorite vintage antique rings include the Pamela and Angelita ranges. Typical of these styles they present a large, oval central stone, set in a rim of pave diamonds atop a diamond-lined, split-shoulder band. These rings are about opulence and elegance, with a touch of vintage glamor.

Classic wedding rings

Classic wedding rings have been around since time immemorial, and are the oldest form of shared and given jewelry between a couple. In medieval times, partners exchanged what were called gimmel rings, twisted band designs signifying their eternal unity.

Today, the spirit of classic wedding bands is captured in our collection of rings, which all come in pairs so that you can carry a piece of each other with you whilst maintaining your individuality. Classic looks include rounded, polished gold and platinum, with subtle touches such as engraving and pave diamonds to update your look.