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About Gold

The use of gold in jewelry dates back to 4000 BC, and it’s always been a sign of ultimate luxury. The metal of kings, gods and rulers, gold is the preserve of the powerful and the elite. It’s irresistible to us for its brilliance, natural beauty and shine; while its resistance to tarnish and malleability makes it the perfect metal for jewelry. And it’s possible for you to have your piece of this timeless beauty with DiamondsByMe’s range of gold rings.

Rings can be purely decorative adornment, as well as having more serious symbolism such as partnership, identity, wealth, status or membership. The first rings have been found from as early as 2500 BC, with the style being common in ancient Egyptian times. At that time the bands were wider, with a large bezel or face. It’s easy to make a piece of opulence your own with DiamondsByMe. Our specialist online service allows you to choose and customize your gold style, and instantly see what your gold ring design will look like.

Gold Diamond Rings

Diamonds and gold, the two timeless materials are the ultimate for a piece of jewelry. As well as our classic styles, we’ve got modern updates such as the brushed gold Hojalien, with its open, asymmetrical shoulders and suspended diamond. Or the Jodie with a thick gold band and oversized prongs. Make it a gold diamond ring by customizing its large stone with a brilliant cut diamond.

You can choose any of DiamondsByMe’s rings and customize it to include gold or diamonds, so any of our rings can include this pairing. You can instantly see how your choices will look alongside each other using our online selection tool. To make it easier for you we already created some ringstyle collections for you like the gold eternity rings, gold halo rings and gold stacking rings.

Gold Rings with birthstones

Not only do we offer diamond rings. We have a wide variety of birthstones for you to choose from when it comes to designing your own gold ladies ring. Next to the various diamond colors of white, black and brown diamonds, we also feature gemstones like the sapphire, ruby, the emerald and blue topaz. Among other.

We ourselves are particularly fond of two-tone color rings featuring sapphire and diamonds. Like for instance the Desire and Severine rings. These rings feature a yellow gold band with white gold accents and diamond side stones. A beautiful combo to complement the gold ring with sapphire. Perhaps less well-known, but very beautiful and extraordinary, is the gold ring with yellow sapphire. Its bright yellow color will make for a striking ring, like for instance the Klarinda. The yellow sapphire is set in a simple, wide gold band and setting, which makes the most of the gorgeous center stone. For something eye-catching, check our gold ruby rings. The warm colors of the yellow gold and that of the stone make a flattering color combination.

And then there is the gold ring with blue topaz. This beautiful combination reminds you of a summer day at the Côte d’Azur, especially when complemented by white gold accents and shimmering diamond side stones. We have various other beautiful precious stones for you to consider as well. Simply check their appearance by using our online configurator. Perhaps you will come up with your very own and personal color combination.

Gold Rings by DiamondsByMe

We challenge you to let your imagination run wild and create your very own gold women’s ring. Know that your ring will be created only after it has been purchased. Meaning we do not keep a large stockpile, but each ring is created lovingly and passionately by hand, by some of the best goldsmiths in the Netherlands.

We offer our gold rings in three different alloys: 9, 14 and 18-carat gold. Of the three, 18 carat gold is the purest, while to 9 carat gold other metals have been added. Next to that, you have your choice of three colors of gold: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Build your own gold ring

Now that you know more about gold and the precious stones we offer, we invite you to start creating your personal gold ring. Most rings are created within 12 business days and will be shipped to your doorstep. We are convinced that you will love the actual gold ring even more than you did on the screen!