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Diamonds and gold have been used together for centuries, creating beautiful jewelry using two of the rarest natural materials in the world. Today, gold diamond rings are favored for gifts, wedding and engagement rings as, unlike silver, they can be worn daily with minimal wear and tear but are also far less expensive than platinum. Available in three beautiful colors, each retaining the same durable qualities, gold is the perfect material to create a stunning ring which allows the natural gemstones you choose to stand out.

Diamonds and Gold

In its pure form, gold offers a brilliant yellow shine but is too soft to wear so is mixed with other metal alloys, resulting in a precious metal which retains its gorgeous, natural color but is also strong and long-lasting, ideal for rings worn a lifelong. Rose and white gold are created in the same way, with the alloys being replaced with copper or silver to create the beautiful, on trend pink or white gold. Gold is a perfect choice for all types of jewelry as it won’t tarnish although white gold rings need their rhodium coating maintained every so often to retain their shine.

By selecting your choice of yellow, white or rose gold, you will create a ring with a character of its own. White gold diamond rings are a classy choice and ooze the luxuriousness of days passed. Whereas the yellow gold diamond ring is a traditional choice. If you want to add a ring to your collection you should check out our diamond eternity rings collection.
For the adventurous a rose gold diamond ring works exceedingly well. The rose gold gives a highly modern appearance to both modern and classic ring designs.

DiamondsByMe offer a selection of beautiful gold diamond rings for any occasion, made to suit the biggest and smallest of budgets and catering for a wide range of styles and tastes. We only ever use sustainable gold and diamonds as members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, ensuring your gold diamond ring will be of the highest quality yet still ethically sourced.

The Most Beautiful Gold Diamond Rings for Women

Diamond rings are the ultimate symbol of love, commitment and fidelity, often gifted to represent a lifetime together. Our gold diamond rings for women can be customized to form a unique piece of jewelry, made from yellow, rose or white gold dependent on your or your loved one’s personal preference. With a vast range of diamond cuts, quality and sizes to choose from, you can ensure you get a long-lasting, beautiful and exclusive ring which you can wear on a daily basis.

As well as wedding and engagement rings, a gold diamond ring is also the perfect gift for a special birthday, anniversary or as a thoughtful, sentimental gesture. Our diamond ring base styles range from the classic to the extravagant, featuring diamonds of various colors and sizes to suit every budget. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we also have a highly recommended bespoke service, enabling you to create the most unique diamond rings for women, at a fair price.

Gold diamond Pavé Rings

One of our favorite ring styles for ladies is the Pavé ring. Pavé means that a ring is in a way paved with a row of gemstones, set very closely next to each other. That way the ring will shine any which way you turn it. You will understand of course that especially diamonds work perfectly with these rings. The number of diamonds will make your ring shine even more bright, making it a gorgeous eye-catcher. Some of our most popular pavé rings are the Chantay, the Emanuelle and the Clair.

Care for something different?

If you have your mind set on a gold diamond ring, then you’re not there yet. Because not only does DiamondsByMe offer you a variety of diamond colors like black and brown diamond, but we are also paving the way for the lab grown diamond.

Cultivated gemstones are becoming more and more linked to the jewelry business. And now we offer a selection of beautiful lab grown diamond rings. The lab grown diamond is in all things the same as a natural diamond, the difference being it was grown in a laboratory. The natural diamond of course takes millions of years to be formed. The lab grown diamond is grown in a matter of weeks. The lab grown diamond is however a genuine diamond, showing all the same characteristics as the natural one.
Oh, and did we mention that because less resources are used in creating a lab created diamond, this gemstone is less costly than the natural diamond? Something to consider…

Now, go ahead and start your design adventure here at DiamondsByMe. Create your own gold diamond ring online, and our artisan goldsmiths will create it for you by hand. In a matter of weeks, you will be wearing your very own unique sparkler!