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Platinum diamond rings

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Platinum, the ultimate. It’s the one, for your one. Platinum is a rare and precious metal, even more exclusive than gold, so platinum diamond rings are the pinnacle of our ring collection. It’s the best you can get, so why not save it for the person who means the most.

Not only is it pure and beautiful, platinum is strong, with a melting point of up to 1772 degrees Celsius. Combine this with diamond, the strongest strongest naturally occurring material, and you’ve got a platinum diamond ring which not only looks beautiful but is as strong as the bond you share.

Archaeologists have actually discovered traces of platinum in the gold that the ancient Egyptians buried in their tombs as early as 1200 BC. However, they might not have known what they had their hands on, with their knowledge confined to gold as a precious metal. Later, pre-Columbian Americans used platinum in mixing metals, or metallurgy, it was probably a naturally occurring element. The first signs of platinum reaching Europe appeared in 1557, and they were astounded by its strength.

Check out our collection of platinum diamond rings with natural or lab grown diamonds to find your perfect piece of jewelry, or choose the elements you like and come up with your own unique creation.

Our platinum bands

We can make your perfect platinum band with any of our rings. They range from traditional rounded bands, to squared-off, to twisted, to contrasting metals. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, we can craft something that’s all about you. Platinum is the ultimate metal, so make your ring, or your platinum wedding band the ultimate.

Some of our most exciting looks for our platinum bands are engraving, in standard lettering for free or your own handwriting for a charge, carved letters, and even your fingerprints. Let your connection be as strong as platinum.

Platinum engagement rings

The timeless luxury of platinum; the most important question you’ll ever ask. Any of our engagement rings can be customized to feature platinum, so you can select your style and choose your preferences, and instantly see what your finished platinum engagement ring will look like. With our unique online customization and design process, the first of its kind in the world, you can see a true-to-life representation in a few clicks. Whatever you want, you’re in the driving seat - why compromise when it comes to the ultimate question?

As the two strongest and most precious substances, platinum and diamond are perfect partners. All of our wedding and engagement rings can be customized to feature platinum, and diamonds are synonymous with engagement and wedding rings, so what better combination than a platinum ring with diamonds?

Nothing sets off the brilliance of a diamond better than platinum. Choose a solitaire, with its tall prongs, to raise the diamond up so it catches the light; or inlay tiny diamonds around the whole ring for the ultimate eternity ring. Our platinum rings with diamonds are the perfect way to celebrate your love and honor the most special person in your life.

Platinum diamond wedding bands

Wedding bands don’t have to be plain, playing second place to your engagement ring. All of our wedding bands can be customized to be crafted with platinum, so make the rings you exchange on the most special day live up to your dreams for your forever together.

Our platinum diamond wedding bands are designed as a set, so you can create a matching pair, each with their own individual features, just like you. Popular styles include a row of uniform diamonds lining the whole ring, set into the platinum; or a few bigger, feature stones. Choose from rounded, squared-off, or more intricate and ambitious styles such as off-center twists and engraving. These modern looks can also be customized to create the perfect platinum diamond wedding band. But it's also possible to compile your very own set, if your personal tastes differ. That is the unique thing about DiamondsByMe.