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With a naturally brilliant silver shine, platinum is favored above white gold as it is denser and requires very little maintenance; it is the best quality precious metal to be used in jewelry making. Initially, this makes it the most expensive choice for engagement and wedding rings, although you will never need to pay to have it re-coated, potentially saving money in the long-run. Platinum rings are guaranteed to last and retain the best overall look, regardless if you wear them daily or reserve them for special occasions.

Our platinum rings will never become discolored, ensuring a beautiful white shine throughout their lifetime, making them the ideal choice for exclusive engagement rings and wedding bands. As a light-colored precious metal, platinum helps the deep, natural colors of sapphires, emeralds and rubies stand out, as well as being the most exclusive choice for a diamond ring with natural diamonds or Lab grown diamonds. Alongside weddings and engagements, platinum rings are the best option for special anniversary gifts, birthdays or Valentine’s Day presents to last a lifetime.

The Finest Quality Platinum Engagement Rings

One of the rarest natural materials in the world and far rarer than gold or silver, platinum is the ultimate sign of love, used for the best quality engagement rings and wedding bands. Choose a platinum engagement ring for a token of the rarest love by customizing any of our beautiful engagement ring designs to create a unique look. Each platinum engagement ring can be set with diamonds or any other precious or semi-precious stones of your choice, forming any style which you desire; from the Vintage to exclusive or modern and romantic.

Another benefit of using platinum over other metals is that it is hypoallergenic and perfect for all skin types, no matter how sensitive yours may be. For additional peace of mind, DiamondsByMe are members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, only working with Fairtrade platinum and diamonds which have been responsibly sourced.

Exclusive Platinum Wedding Bands for Him and Her

For an everlasting shine, platinum wedding bands are the ultimate choice. We have plain, shaped and engraved rings for a classy, romantic look right up to fully diamond-set platinum wedding bands for a showstopping style. Available in either matching his and hers sets or as individual rings, you have the freedom to create beautiful wedding rings to suit both your tastes. If you have a specific design in mind, DiamondsByMe offer a competitively priced bespoke service, working with you the create the platinum wedding bands of your dreams from scratch.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Our men’s platinum wedding bands allow grooms just as much freedom to express their personality and style as their brides. Alongside traditional flat and classic court rings, we offer completely unique designs, entailing alternative shaping for a custom-made look. With designs available in brushed or polished platinum, you have full control over the finish; polished platinum produces an elite shine which is likely to match your bride’s wedding band whereas brushed platinum offers a more masculine, darker tone.

In a variety of band widths, DiamondsByMe are proud to have an extensive selection of platinum wedding band designs to suit various men. Styles include plain, patterned and alternative designs for a result which both suits your individuality and fits perfectly in with your wedding themes.

If your engagement ring has been formed from platinum, we highly recommend that you select a platinum wedding band to help minimize any damage from rubbing. Our ladies’ platinum wedding bands give you the freedom to select a style which is in keeping with your groom’s wedding band or wear something completely unique and personal to you. From matching polished or brushed platinum court ring designs to diamond-set, feminine versions of the same band, we cater for all tastes.

To create a ladies’ platinum wedding band which sits flush to your engagement ring, get in contact with us to discuss bespoke, shaped rings. Altering any design or creating a new one tailored to your specification, our shaped platinum bands can match your other jewelry perfectly, allowing the room for any large gemstone settings.

Platinum jewelry isn’t just reserved for engagements and weddings; for those with higher budgets or looking to commemorate a special occasion, DiamondsByMe have a wide range of long-lasting, beautiful platinum jewelry. From platinum diamond necklaces to matching earrings, bracelets and a vast selection of rings, you can find a style which suits your every day wear as well as statement pieces for special occasions.

For wedding anniversaries or a special birthday, opt for platinum jewelry for gorgeous, shiny pieces which your loved one can enjoy wearing forevermore.