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Rings with ruby

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The ruby has a long history as adornment for jewelry. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans first started using these rare precious stones for their jewelry. The ruby is also called the stone of life, but in our current time the ruby is mostly known as the stone of love. That’s hardly surprising with its deep color, varying from rose-red to the warm deep blood-red.

Fact is, that a ruby ring is something extraordinary. Not only because of its warm red color, but also because of its rarity. Diamonds, although rare, are usually easier to find than rubies.

One of the things we at DiamondsByMe pride ourselves for, is the fact that all the gemstones we use, come from conflict-free mines. Our stone buyers only do business with acknowledged gemstone suppliers. So, you can rest assured, knowing that your ruby ring was created with genuine rubies, and the fact that no people were harmed mining the stones.

Birthstone Rings

Next to the titles of ‘stone of life’ and ‘stone of love’ the ruby also is the symbol for those born in July. If you yourself are a July-born or wish to purchase a ring for a lady born in July, then the ruby is perfect.
If you wish to know more about birthstones, then we invite you to peek in our education center. Or if you want to check our collection of birthstone rings, then go right ahead, and create your very own!

A ruby comes in various sorts of color tones. The most sported color is the rose-red toned ruby, whereas the blood-red ruby is even more rare. Check out our eternity ring collection for beautiful stacking rings for your hand.

Heart Rings

The popular choice for a center stone would be a round or brilliant shape. However, if you are looking for something different, then perhaps you should take a look at our rings with heart ruby or rings with pear ruby.The heart ruby ring is of course perfect when adding a touch of symbolism to your jewelry. And the heart shaped ruby does its name of being the stone of life and love justice. We have some beautiful designs available, from the modern, simple and elegant Lieke Heart ring, to a traditional Claddagh heart ring. If you wish to say it with jewelry, then the Claddagh love ring is an excellent choice.

We also sport several designs featuring a pear-shaped ruby. When worn with the top of the pear shape toward the fingertip, it will optically elongate your fingers, making them even more elegant.

Design your own Ruby Ring

Like we said, you can adjust each ring shown on our website to fit your personal taste, making it completely unique. Something not seen anywhere else. Because not only is it completely personal, but your ring was only created after it was purchased. So, it doesn’t come from a large stockpile of mass-produced rings, but it was lovingly created by hand as soon as you purchased it.

Not only do you have the absolute freedom to compile your own ring on our website, we also create bespoke rings. If you have an idea of what you want, just let our team of experts know, and we will create you your very own custom-made design from scratch.

This works as follows:

  • You send us an e-mail containing your wishes
  • One of our experts will contact you and send you an estimate
  • If you wish, our designers will start drawing your personal design, after which it is sent to you with the final price
  • If you agree and order the ring, our specialized artisan goldsmiths will start creating your ring
  • Your very own custom designed ring is delivered to your doorstep
  • You will wear your custom ring created by DiamondsByMe proudly for a lifetime

It’s as easy as this!

Furthermore, if you wish to see a 3D sample of your custom design, you can order a plastic dummy ring for only $19, to see whether you really like the ring, its size, the band, etcetera. Now, it’s time for you to start browsing our collection of ruby rings and compile it to fit your personal style. And in no time, you will wear your very own customized ruby ring. One that you will enjoy a lifetime.