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Are you a trend follower or a trend setter? No matter what, give your outfit an extra notch by wearing stacking rings. Mix and match different stacking rings and create a new look every day. The stacking ring is the ultimate modern ring.

What exactly makes a stacking ring?

A stacking ring is exactly what the name says it is. A ring or several rings made to nicely fit and be worn next to each other. That way you can create your very own set of rings. Like for instance a full set of yellow gold stacking rings the one day, and a mix of yellow, white and rose gold stacking rings the next. And of course, you can choose you rings to be with or without stones. We have a nice variety of options available to you.

A Stacking Ring for every occasion

The great thing about stacking rings is that you can mix and match to your heart’s desire to suit every occasion. If you have an elegant affair and would like to keep your look modest, then combine two small stacking rings. Are you attending an elaborate party, and would like to stand out with your outfit, then combine several rings to match it, with and without gemstones. Your ring combo is sure to catch the eye of the beholder.

Tip: a nice and very modern way of wearing your stacking rings, is to mix several gold colors. A gorgeous combination is that of yellow and white gold stacking rings.

Take it to the next level

Because stacking rings will be worn next to each other, of course you will want the rings to damage as little as possible. Then opt for platinum stacking rings. Platinum is the hardest precious metal used in the jewelry industry, and quite rare. But because of its toughness, it is less prone to damage easy.
Next to that, platinum is a hypoallergenic metal. Meaning that, if you have an allergy to certain metals, you will be able to wear platinum without experiencing problems. And to top it off, platinum is easy to maintain.

The perfect solution: A Stackable Ring!

With a stackable ring, combining never was this easy. Wear a narrow design next to an existing ring like a engagement ring. Or wear them as friendship rings or even wedding rings.

A stackable ring to match your engagement ring
A choice more and more couples nowadays make, is to purchase a stackable ring to be worn as a wedding ring, next to a stunning engagement ring. Why not make it a set for him and her?

Usually men prefer simple and plain bands, while ladies choose an elegant design set with sparkling gemstones. But sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect set of rings, that match nicely with your engagement rings. That is where the stackable ring comes in to play. This is a perfect option. Not only do we offer straight designs to be worn next to an engagement ring with a high setting. We also have several models available designed in a way that they can envelope a lower set stone. Add a row of diamonds for some extra sparkle and highlight your gorgeous engagement ring.

Design your own Stacking Ring!

In our collection you will find a beautiful variety of stacking rings. However, it may be possible that your perfect ring is not among them. Then how about designing your very own stacking ring?
DiamondsByMe is the first jewelry company in the world where you can design your very own ring, and have it created by one of our expert goldsmiths.
The great thing is you can have your ring created to completely fit your style and taste. Our designers will gladly assist you.

All jewelry is handmade in our own studio. Our goldsmiths use the ancient artisan techniques of jewelry crafting and combine those with innovative technology.

Of course, it is also possible to choose a design from our website and have it altered to suit your wishes. Like for instance adding a row of side stones to an existing ring like the Trudy Square, or have another setting shape for the Eloise ring. Whatever your wishes, the sky is the limit.

Not only does DiamondsByMe offer an exclusive bespoke option, we also offer the following benefits:

  • A 60 days return policy on all stacking rings on our website (not on custom orders)
  • Free shipping to most countries
  • The newest technology in the jewelry business
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty on your ring

Now start compiling your own set of stacking rings and create a new look every day!