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White gold rings with sapphire

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White gold and sapphires are the perfect partners; an equal match in brilliance and luxury, their cool tones complementing each other. When you’re looking for the ultimate in modern opulence, look no further than DiamondsByMe’s collection of white gold rings with sapphires.

The precious metal white gold is, like all metals used for jewelry-making, an alloy. This means that it is a mixture of two or more metals, in this case yellow gold and platinum, nickel, palladium or manganese. White gold is considered to be an alternative to yellow gold and platinum in terms of price. You can achieve the silvery brilliance of platinum whilst retaining the luxury of gold but on a realistic budget. The stories behind the origin of white gold varies, with many believing that the durability of platinum for other uses left the jewelry industry looking for an alternative in the early 20th century.

Sapphires are powerful stones of great beauty. The birthstone for September, they can make a symbolic gift for a birthday or anniversary in that month. Their meaning is all in the name, with the word ‘sapphire’ being derived from the Greek and Latin words for blue, which in turn can be translated as meaning ‘dear to Saturn’ in many languages. Who could resist a stone with such an illustrious background? With an ancient history as the talismans of everything from luck to love, there’s no stone quite like a sapphire for conveying true heart and meaning.

DiamondsByMe is proud to present an extensive range of white gold rings with sapphires in both modern and vintage styles. Any of our designs can be customized to include this metal and the beautiful blue gems; then crafted in our bespoke studio by our team of skilled goldsmiths. We combine ancient techniques with innovative design processes to bring you a unique, first of its kind in the world service. Choose a design or view our entire range and instantly see the collection of beautiful white gold rings with sapphires.

White gold rings

White gold is a prized and luxurious yet affordable metal. With the alloy lending silver brilliance and durability to the softness of gold, this metal is perfect for crafting into white gold rings. Choose one of our range that showcases the versatility of this material.

We love the Dani range, with its simple ball bearing band design in an update on the classic eternity ring. The roundness of the shapes will catch the light at all angles in this brilliant yet simple ring. Another favorite as a white gold ring is the Amira range. Thick, overlapping and twisted bands, one lined with pave diamonds, make the ultimate statement piece.

Sapphire engagement rings

These stones are associated with love, fidelity and devotion, and there’s one ring that springs to mind when talking about sapphire engagement rings. It’s the piece that has captured the world’s hearts twice over and continues to inspire. It is of course the Lady Diana, and now Kate Middleton engagement ring. With a history like no other, this ring has been the symbol of two of the most famous fairytale marriages of all time.

And now, with DiamondsByMe’s collection of white gold sapphire engagement rings, you too can represent a piece of history. Take a look at our Margien range for the ultimate tribute to this timeless classic. A large, oval sapphire is surrounded by a halo of tiny diamonds, and set on an elegant white gold band. The design includes a range of styles with further embellishment on the shoulders for added luxury. If you prefer to make a statement with the diamond halo, how about the Alina, which includes a smaller central sapphire, and a star or flower-like collection of diamonds surrounding it.

Sapphire earrings

Sapphires many believed-properties, superstitions and symbolic meanings make them a classic and meaningful gift for any occasion. Why not make a set along with your ring with a pair of sapphire earrings?

Earrings’ intimate placement make them the perfect vessel for sapphire’s symbolic position as a protective guard against negativity for the wearer. While this could be a simple stud design, as with our square Jannette or round Julia ranges, drop earrings add movement and extra brilliance to the ancient beauty of this stone. Pair the teardrop or oval-shaped Laurie or Cleo designs with delicate white gold hooks to evoke the cool, peaceful power of sapphires.