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White gold is an alloy of gold and a white metal such as nickel, manganese or palladium. The purity is expressed in carats as with yellow gold. It’s a beautiful, much more affordable alternative to platinum if you’re looking for a similar strength and shine.

About White Gold

White gold grew in popularity after the stocks of platinum where reserved for manufacture in the middle of the 20th century, and jewelers were banned from using it. This meant that they needed to find an alternative, as platinum was so well-loved, especially for engagement and wedding rings. The jewelers learned that by using metallurgy, mixing metals, they could bleach or change the color of yellow gold to make it look like a white metal, like platinum. It’s easy to craft with and easy to repair. White gold also takes on a greater brilliance than platinum, which is normally a darker, gun metal gray.

DiamondsByMe has a range of white gold rings, and most of our other designs can be customized or designed to include it. With our unique, first of its kind in the world, online design and customization service, you can instantly choose and see what your ring will look like. We can even provide a 3D printed model so that you know that when we come to craft it, you’ll be getting that perfect ring, perhaps for that special moment.

Our white gold is treated with rhodium, meaning a small layer of rhodium is added to the white gold, to give it that specific color.

Like we mentioned, back in the Twenties of the 20th century, platinum and later white gold were are popular gold color. So, when we think of white gold rings, we automatically think of intricate jewelry design of the Art Deco period. Imagine the movie the Great Gatsby. This is the ultimate example of luxury experienced by the rich a century ago. We see the most beautiful white gold and platinum rings, bracelets and necklaces.

At DiamondsByMe we adore the Art Deco style, and therefore we can proudly say we have several of these designs available in our collection. So if you’re in the market for a vintage ring then you will definitely be charmed by these gorgeous designs like the Severine, the Joy and the Henna.

White Gold Diamond Rings

If you wish for that exclusive, luxurious look on your finger, then we recommend you consider a white gold diamond ring. The sparkling diamond set in white gold is the ultimate sign of luxuriousness, and a definite eye-catcher. If you want to add a ring next to your engagement ring perhaps a eternity ring is the right choice.

We offer a wide collection of different ring styles. Whether you’re looking for a vintage or modern design, or something like an Initial ring, wearing the letter of a person you love, surrounded by diamonds or other precious stones.

Then of course, we have our Stackable rings. These rings are a popular choice as a wedding ring, to be worn next to a gorgeous engagement ring. However, stackable rings can also serve as a fashion statement, or as a reminder of some occasion, like the birth of a child. You can stack as many rings as you like. Why not mix and match, wearing different gold colors next to each other? Or with a mix of diamonds and other precious stones? One thing is certain, with the combination of white gold with diamond you cannot go wrong.

Our diamonds are carefully selected for their quality. We only offer diamonds of XXXN quality, meaning their cut, polish and symmetry are of excellent quality, and without any fluorescence. Our diamonds of 0,3 carats or larger are accompanied by a GIA or HRD certificate, each mentioning the quality of the diamond purchased.

Quality and Luxury

Not only do we offer luxurious and exclusive white gold rings, but also the finest quality and customer satisfaction. Each ring is carefully made by hand, and meticulously checked before it is shipped to you. To make sure your white gold ring remains beautiful forever more, consider our lifetime warranty program. The rhodium layer of white gold may wear off in time. Our lifetime warranty program includes adding a new layer of rhodium and polishing the ring. Check our customer service pages for more information.

A white gold ring by DiamondsByMe isn’t just a ring. It represents a feeling, an experience, and an adventure. Because nowhere else do you have the options we offer in customizing your own ring.