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White gold wedding rings

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    Imagine: your love expressed in the king of metals: gold. At DiamondsByMe we offer a wide range of beautiful wedding rings. White gold wedding rings are increasingly popular. With their beautiful shine white gold rings are a beautiful replacement of the more expensive platinum.

    Design your own artisan white gold wedding ring

    At DiamondsByMe we offer you the opportunity to personalize your own wedding rings. By choosing your metals, the stones and the colors, you and your partner will create your own unique set of wedding rings. Something that matches your personalities, and symbolizes the bond between the two of you.

    About white gold

    White gold is the most popular precious metal for modern wedding rings.
    The perfect balance between heavier platinum and less impressive gold, white gold engagement rings and white gold wedding bands are the most favored wedding rings for couples today, particularly when inset with diamonds. Providing the same dazzling effect as platinum, white gold wedding bands and white gold engagement rings are both impressive and comfortable. White gold’s shimmering quality brings out the best of any precious stone, particularly diamonds. With the growing preference for the look of silver and platinum jewelry, white gold has become the metal of choice for wedding rings.

    An expensive metal, it provides the same glittering effects as silver – making it a better metal for a wedding ring. More cost-effective and lighter in weight than platinum, white gold is also easy to work with – so it is well-suited for use in jewelry.

    First popular in the 1920s, white gold rings are a mixture of yellow gold and elements of other metals like nickel and platinum. All yellow gold must contain components of other metals to make it strong, because gold is too soft to use on its own. White gold rings are finished with a robust rhodium plating.

    Over long periods of time, rhodium plating needs to be replaced to maintain the original light coloring. However, the work is easily carried out by most jewelers at a low cost, so white gold is still good value.

    Caring for your white gold wedding ring

    White gold rings are easy to care for. Here we provide you with some tips, to keep your white gold wedding rings nice, clean and beautiful:

    • Simply clean with jewelry cleaning solution or a mixture of mild soap and water.
    • Gently use a toothbrush or cloth to clean your ring.
    • Always rinse with lukewarm water to finish.

    White gold wedding bands for him and her

    A contemporary twist on traditional yellow gold, white gold is the preferred metal for wedding bands for both him and her. Easy to craft and stunning to the eye, wedding bands set in white gold are memorable and impressive.

    Its brilliant white coloring reflects the light, showing off both the beauty of the white gold and any precious stones that are part of the design. Whether plain or inset with exquisite stones, white gold rings look sensational – the preferred modern metal for wedding bands for both him and her. Combine with diamonds for a dizzying sparkle. Check out our symbolic eternity wedding ring collection for the most beautiful wedding rings set full round with diamonds.
    Find your artisan white gold wedding band in our customizable collection or design your own today.

    White gold diamond wedding rings

    For the most remarkable combination choose a white gold diamond ring. Whether it is a: white gold diamond engagement ring, white gold diamond wedding band or both, you are guaranteed to have a striking diamond wedding ring. For the best modern classic, pair white gold with sparkling diamond. The spectacular white gold metal, will further enhance any glittering diamond stones, making them appear even larger and beautiful than they already are.
    Any white gold diamond engagement ring or white gold diamond wedding band is a sophisticated choice that is guaranteed to impress.

    Choose your handmade white gold diamond engagement ring or white gold diamond wedding band from our customizable collection. Or why not design your own today?

    Create something uniquely personal for your special moment
    Designed by you, crafted by us