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dream womens wedding ring ring

Customize your dream womens wedding ring ring

Wedding ring WH0213L26AP 585 rose gold ±6x1.7 mm Black diamond
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Wedding ring WH0213L26AP
585 rose gold ±6x1.7 mm
Black diamond

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This modern ladies wedding ring is a stunning, contemporary wedding ring which truly symbolizes your unique love! Perfectly suited for men with a contemporary style. Simply customize the ring to your liking. Our goldsmith would take on any challenge of creating a perfect ring and will work on your ring, designed by you, in our own artisan studio. He will carefully and passionately create your WH0213L26AP wedding ring by hand whilst using the most modern techniques, combined with pure craftsmanship. And this results in a unique, contemporary ring! This modern WH0213L26AP wedding ring is set with round black diamond, is ±6 mm wide and has a shiny finish.

Simply customize your gemstones and colors with our online tool. Our jewel designers will make a 3D drawing of your design, so you can see the result. Our goldsmiths will subsequently make your wedding ring by hand, according ancient craftsmanship. Our goal is to make the wedding ring you have in mind. A unique wedding ring to match your style completely!

By the way, you can be inspired by this wedding ring and have it further adjusted to your taste. Do you prefer a smaller band or a wider one? Do you prefer a shiny ring or a matte one? Anything is possible. Also, if you have an idea of your own for extraordinary wedding rings, or if you have seen a beautiful set somewhere else that you really like and would like to have adjusted to your personal taste: no problem! don't hesitate to contact us. Our designers will gladly discuss your possibilities with you!

After receiving your order, our goldsmiths will start the creative process of making your wedding rings. We don't keep stock. This is advantageous because these costs will not be passed on to you. Therefore, our quality wedding rings are always priced 30 percent lower than those of other jewelers.

To make it easier for you, we offer a 60 day return policy. Check our terms and conditions.

Specifications for Wedding ring WH0213L26AP 585 rose gold ±6x1.7 mm Black diamond

Need help creating the ideal ring?

Our team of specialists is eager to help you select the perfect stone and the right material.

What will you get?

Next to a lovely piece of jewelry crafted by our goldsmiths, you will receive the following information:

  • Official certificate of authenticity with the specifics of your ordered jewellery
  • A GIA, HRD or IGI certificate with diamonds of 0,3 crt and heavier
  • A matching luxury box of your choice. Select your choice when placing an order.
  • A polishing cloth to keep your jewellery nice and shiny

In addition you will get:

  • A refund entitlement within 30 days after you receive your order
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Complimentary engraving at the inside of the rings
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