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It’s something every woman with pierced ears should own: a pair of elegant drop earrings. DiamondsByMe has made choosing your unique pair of earrings easy!

Gold Drop Earrings: a timeless classic

DiamondsByMe’s gold drop earrings all have one thing in common: each design will enhance the wearer’s beauty and elegance, elongating her neckline. We offer a range of modern and vintage earrings styles, each of an exquisite design, and suitable for each type of woman.

For the traditional look choose a set of yellow gold earrings adorned with ruby and diamonds. For a classy, modern feel opt for white gold drop earrings with sapphire.
And for a traditional yet modern appearance, think of rose gold drop earrings.

And then there is platinum. This beautiful and rare metal will add an even more luxurious feel to your drop earrings. And because platinum drop earrings are made of the hardest metal used in the jewelry business, and because it’s hypoallergenic, you are sure of a pair of earrings that will stand the test of time with flying colors.

How about a matching set?

One thing can be said about the elegant and stylish woman; she knows how to mix and match her accessories to complement each other. Of course, you can always opt for a matching set of drop earrings and a ring. Or earrings and a necklace. Or all the above.
Luckily at DiamondsByMe we offer several jewel designs which you can expand with matching jewelry. Like for instance our Dodie range. Not only do we have a pair of exquisite drop earrings set with an emerald cut center stone. We offer a matching pendant and ring to make your look complete.

So, a hint to you fellas: if you’ve given her a ring for her birthday (or any other occasion), then why not give her a matching set of gold drop earrings for your next celebration?

Customize your own Gold Drop Earrings

Did you ever think of designing your own jewelry? A pair of gold drop earrings that’s unique in terms of design and materials. DiamondsByMe has made this easy for you. With the help of our easy-to-use online configurator you can start designing and customizing your own jewelry. Each design you see in our collection can be altered to your liking.

For instance, do you like our Ginger 1 earrings? But not crazy about the size of the stones, or the colors? Then go ahead and change the stone size. Alter the Rhodolite to a precious stone color you do like. And while you’re at it, why not play around with the side stones? The options are limitless. And you will end up with a pair of gold drop earrings you completely customized yourself, creating a unique design.

Furthermore, because DiamondsByMe works on a made to order basis, your earrings will not come from a large stockpile. They are carefully created by hand by our expert artisan goldsmiths after you order them. Each detail of the earrings, from the settings to the quality of the stones, are carefully checked. Because our goldsmiths only work with the best materials and are only satisfied with creating you a jewel of the finest quality.

Sustainable precious stones and metals

DiamondsByMe offers you a wide variety of precious stones and metals to choose from, when you are customizing your own drop earrings.
But did you know that all our materials are carefully hand-picked, and come from sustainable and conflict-free sources? Like for instance our gold. Because gold becomes rarer every day, we aim to use gold that has the least amount of impact on the environment. That is why we mostly use recycled gold. More information on our gold can be found in our online education center.

The Kimberley Process

Moreover, when the movie Blood Diamond was released, this offered a look into a world where people were exploited in the most terrible ways. That is why the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme came into play. This process ensures that diamonds come from conflict-free mines, to minimize the usage of blood diamonds in the industry.
DiamondsByMe only picks diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process.

Lab grown diamonds

A third way for us to help in the effort of affecting the environment in the least possible way, is the fact that now we offer lab grown diamonds next to our range of natural delved diamonds. Not only are lab grown diamonds less expensive, they also have a smaller environmental impact.

If the fact that our options are beyond limits wasn’t enough, then the fact that DiamondsByMe works only with the best sustainable materials will surely enthuse you into designing your own set of earrings. So, go ahead and start customizing your very own pair of modern, vintage or classic earrings!