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The apogee of luxury is platinum. This rare and tough precious metal has a special quality: it will always remain beautiful. So, if you’re in the market for a set of luxurious earrings you wish to enjoy for decades, then platinum is really the precious metal to consider.

The benefits of platinum

Not only is platinum a sustainable metal because it hardly ever damages, it has some other qualities as well. Like for instance the fact it cannot oxidize. There is a reason we call it the metal without weaknesses. Its natural color will remain.
Furthermore, platinum has the quality of being hypoallergenic. This pure precious metal therefore is very suitable for those suffering from a nickel or metal allergy.

Platinum Earrings with precious stones

When ordering a set of platinum earrings, you of course wish to top it off with some sparkling gemstones. At DiamondsByMe we have a beautiful collection of different gemstones on offer. From sapphires to rhodolite, from rubies to amethyst, you name it. And of course, our specialty: diamonds! Each pair of earrings on our website can be altered to other gemstones. So, play with our online tool and create your own platinum earrings with gemstones.

If you will allow us to make a suggestion: how about a pair of platinum sapphire earrings? The combination of the platinum color with the deep blue sapphire, make for a stunning pair!

Platinum earrings with diamond

Diamonds and platinum; this is perhaps the ultimate combination. Platinum and diamonds are both some of the rarest materials found on earth. While platinum is the hardest precious metal, diamond is the hardest precious gem. Because both are so rare, they make for a highly exclusive jewel, that is surely a showstopper.
And because they are so rare, they will always maintain their value. So if you wish to treat her (or yourself) with a beautiful present that will stand the test of time, then opt for a pair of diamond platinum earrings.

Earring styles

If you wish to purchase a pair of earrings, then of course you will need to think of what kind of earrings. Are you someone with a preference for subtle elegance? Then check our collection of stud earrings. A small sparkling platinum stud with the precious stone of your choice, like our Shana and Jody earrings is the apogee of elegance.

For a more traditional, but at the same time more extravagant look, think of our selection of hoop earrings. We offer simple hoops without precious stones, but for a pair of sparklers we have hoop earrings pavé set with gemstones. And for some extra wow-factor, think of our hoop earrings with a pendant, like the Geneva earrings.

Perhaps our widest range of earrings is that of the drop earrings. We have a wide variety of designs available, that will speak to both the modern on-trend woman, and the lady with a more traditional spirit. Think of a pair of platinum drop earrings set with diamond, like for instance our Camille range. Or perhaps a set of Hana 2 earrings made of platinum, and set with a pear-shaped sapphire center stone, surrounded by small diamonds.

Platinum Earrings by your own design

Although we have given you some suggestions in your search for the perfect set of platinum earrings, maybe you do not find what you are looking for in our online collection.
Then why not have your very own custom design created? Our team of expert designers and goldsmiths will only be too happy if you challenge them to make you the earrings of your dreams. For a pair of bespoke earrings simply contact us, and we will discuss the possibilities with you.