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3D-printed jewelry

Choosing your dream piece of jewelry has become better and easier, as DiamondsByMe is one of the first companies in the world to offer you the opportunity to receive any piece of jewelry as a 3D print. This allows you to hold, fit and see the piece of jewelry in person before actually making your order. By merging the old craft of jewelry making with the latest techniques, we can offer you this unique concept. We hope this will make composing a piece of jewelry at DiamondsByMe even more fun!

A 3D model piece of jewelry is very practical

A 3D sample piece of jewelry is the ultimate solution if you want to see in detail what the piece looks like and if it suits you, but don't want to yet take the step of ordering the final piece. Our 3D example jewelry is made of a grey plastic and is printed in real size so that you can wear and hold an almost identical replica. Because a 3D model is made of synthetic material, some irregularities may be visible here and there. Of course, this is not reflected in the actual jewelry.

Easy, realistic and only $ 19, -.

Due to the fusion of the old craft with the latest techniques, we can offer you this unique concept. We hope that this will make it even more fun to order something at DiamondsByMe.

For only $ 19, - you can order a 3D print. We strive to have it delivered at your home within 5 workings days.

3d render

dummy ring

final ring