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Own Gold

Your own gold in jewelry

Did you spot an interesting piece of jewelry in our online store, or do you have design of your own that you would like to see become reality using your own gold?
At DiamondsByMe all of this is possible. This means that there is yet another way for you to personalize a piece of bespoke jewelry.

A unique piece of bespoke jewelry

Because we offer you the opportunity to create a piece of jewelry from your own gold, you will have yet another opportunity to create a special design for a personalized piece of bespoke jewelry. So whether you have some old wedding rings or your first gold bracelet lying around, you can now have the gold from these pieces incorporated into a new bespoke piece to carry them with you always.
Our master goldsmiths are honored to prepare a special casting for you and craft a piece of bespoke jewelry from your own gold.

Jewelry design of your own gold

For us it is important to check the gold first. After all, we do not know exactly what the alloy used to cast your gold consists of. Often, we will receive varied old pieces of jewelry that have to be incorporated into a new piece. To do that we will need to combine multiple alloys into a single alloy, as a result some pollution may enter the alloy in the process of casting it, and this may show in the final product. There may be miniscule holes or irregularities visible on the bespoke jewelry, even after the finishing touches (sanding and burnishing). These irregularities will be very hard to discern and are near impossible to prevent, if you are considering using your own gold in bespoke jewelry this is something to consider.

Special casting

In order to make sure the bespoke jewelry we create for you is actually cast with the gold you provided to us, we will arrange a separate special casting of the gold for you. The piece will be cast individually. Normally we would create a wax sprue per specific alloy. For example: 14 krt yellow gold, 14 krt white gold, 18 krt red gold, silver, etc. We will place the wax models for different parts we require on the wax stems of the sprue. Next we mix the appropriate alloy and cast the jewelry. Because we will only use your own gold in the alloy for your bespoke piece, no other pieces will be included in the sprue and only your ring will be mounted on the wax stems. This way we are able to make sure that your bespoke jewelry is not polluted with different alloys. Of course, the remaining gold will be returned to you.

Perhaps you are not able to provide enough gold to cast the entire piece of bespoke jewelry. In that case we will add gold to reach the desired volume. In this case your gold will be supplemented by our own quality gold.
The prices for bespoke jewelry vary from one design to the next. We will be happy to learn your choice design and will gladly provide you with a quotation. Do not hesitate to send us the design of your dreams by e-mail, we will get back to you.

If you would like one of the pieces offered in our online store cast in your own gold we do charge an additional € 100.- on top of the listed price for the individual casting.