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An engagement ring is always special. It’s a sign of your love and commitment, a symbol of the most important question you’ll ever ask. Why not make that memory even more personal with a DiamondsByMe special engagement ring? As well as our extensive range, you can design and customize your own ring with our online tools and expert, in-house team.

Engagement rings through the centuries

Engagement rings go back as far as the 2nd century BC and can be traced back as far as ancient Rome. The third finger of the left hand might have been chosen as it was believed that it contained a vein which led to the heart. The first diamond ring is believed to be that which Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. However, diamond engagement rings became the standard in love and luxury during the 1800s, thanks to the marketing efforts of a South African mining company.

Nowadays, couples want these symbols of their love to reflect their partnership and be as unique as they are. DiamondsByMe can help you create the most special engagement ring. You can choose everything: the shape, style, band thickness, setting, stone and embellishments. All that, and with fair prices, a nearly-infinite selection and free shipping. We want to make sure your special engagement ring is entirely you. Perfected by you. Crafted by us.

Bespoke engagement rings

For when only something entirely personal will do, at DiamondsByMe, we’re here to help you create an entirely bespoke engagement ring. We’re so proud of our innovative business model and processes, which combine the ancient craft of goldsmiths with modern technology to produce the most exclusive products. You’ll work with our team of in-house designers every step of the way when creating your bespoke engagement ring. It really is designed by you.

Some of the specialist services we offer include digital 3D modeling and 3D printing so that you can see exactly what your bespoke engagement ring will look like at every stage. We want you to be entirely happy with your ring to help you make that moment as special as it should be.

Custom engagement rings

As well as designing your own ring, DiamondsByMe’s specialty, and first of their kind in the world, tools also allow you to take our range and make it your own with a custom engagement ring. You can choose the metals, styles and stones to create your perfect custom and unique engagement ring.

Engagement rings online

We have an extensive collection of engagement rings online, in styles to suit everyone, and the design process begins on our website, wherever you are. From there, you can choose the shape and type of stone, the metals, the settings, the ring style and even the category and occasion. Simply click through your choices and instantly see, either as a comparison or on a single design, how your choices will look. Our technology means that you can fully create your engagement ring online. Click ‘Celtic’ or ‘Heart’ and change the stone to ruby, or sapphire, or diamond. Narrow down or broaden your options, choose a different cut or stone and style. The only barrier is your imagination. With our online configurator you can choose any gold color you want like; yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and even platinum. Also, you can choose from a variation of birthstones. Next to the solitaire ring we also have a wide range of different styles like Halo rings, Memoire rings, cluster rings and three stone engagement rings.

Design your own special engagement ring

Using our bespoke design and online customization, it really is possible to make your own special engagement ring. Every style and material element comes down to you, and can be changed, checked and adjusted to your liking. With our unique process, you can see a 3D printed model of your creation so that you’re involved in every step.

Change the engagement ring of your choice to your heart’s delight. For a splash of color, opt for an emerald engagement ring. If you want to make it more personal by choosing her birthstone, then you should know that the emerald represents the month of May. For the July bride-to-be the ruby is a perfect choice. Furthermore, the sapphire is called the stone of love, which makes a sapphire engagement ring even more special.

Our team is ready to guide you through the process, implementing our new technology and traditional goldsmith techniques to make sure that your DiamondsByMe engagement ring is something that truly is a reflection of your bond.