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Gold men's rings

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Signet rings
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Rolex style
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Boost your outfit with a stylish men's ring! Are you in the market for an original gold men's ring? Do you prefer a special ring that has exactly the appearance matching your style? Then have the DiamondsByMe goldsmiths create you a handmade gold men's ring. Then you are sure to have a ring that is unique and original.

Original men's ring made of gold

If you like taking a chance and prefer a special and unique men's ring, then opt for one that is designed by you, and crafted by us. Choosing a ring created by DiamondsByMe will assure you of:

  • genuine artisan craftsmanship
  • an exclusive masterpiece of sustainable high quality materials
  • a unique ring not worn by anyone else

Pure gold found in nature is relatively soft, and it has a yellow color. To enhance the strength of the gold and to make it easier to process, other metals are added, like for instance silver or copper. These metals will influence the gold color. Rose gold is created by adding copper to the alloy, and the white shine of white gold is created by adding a layer of rhodium. Our most popular men's rings are made of 14 carat gold: this contains 58,5% pure gold.

You can have a men's ring created with several colors. Opt for a combination of yellow and rose gold. Combining two colors in one ring, is called bicolor gold. The combination of bicolor gold with rose and yellow gold will give a nice warm effect, beautifully matching a warm skin tone.

You will probably think: warm skin tone? It is easy to check whether you have a warm or a cool skin tone. Check the inside of your wrist. Are the veins clearly visible and do they have a bluish tone? Then you have a cool skin tone. The best option for you would be white gold, platinum or silver.
Is it hard for you to spot the veins, and do they have a greenish tone? Then you have a warm skin tone. Yellow gold and rose gold will probably be the best choice for you.

Gold men's ring with diamond

A powerful gold men's ring containing one or more diamonds, is irresistible. The sparkle of the well-cut diamond will add a striking detail to a stylish attire. Gold signet rings will have an even more luxurious appearance by adding a diamond or another precious stone, like sapphire, emerald or ruby.

All the diamonds we offer are of a high quality, and come with a GIA certificate when 0,3 carat or larger. Our experts will gladly advise you choosing the perfect diamond matching your taste and budget.

Gold signet ring

Signet rings are the most commonly known men's rings. A gold signet ring immediately takes you back to noble families, who sealed their letters and documents by using a signet ring wearing their family crest, and red colored wax.

That doesn't necessarily mean a signet ring is old-fashioned. Signet rings nowadays can have a very modern look. You can choose which metals to use, the stones, the engravings and the design. All the gold signet rings we offer online can be fully personalized to suit your taste, by using our online configurator.

Modern traditional signet rings

It doesn't matter how modern a signet ring looks, it will always carry a certain feel of tradition. A signet ring is often passed from generation to generation, and symbolizes a family's past, present and future. Therefore, the ring must be of exceptional quality, to withstand the test of time. Nowadays the Rolex style ring is the new trend.

At DiamondsByMe we pride ourselves by using the highest quality resources. Our goldsmiths are genuine craftsmen using professional tools and equipment.
This assures you that a gold signet ring purchased at by DiamondsByMe will be of the best quality, and something to enjoy for generations.

3D print of your own design

To make sure a gold men's ring will be exactly the way you visualized, it is possible to order a 3D dummy ring before our goldsmith starts creating the genuine thing. This dummy ring is an exact 3D replica of the gold men's ring you selected using our configurator. It is made of plastic. With this prototype you can also check if the ring has the correct size. If you want something revised, this is the time to do it. Our goldsmith will only start creating the genuine ring when completely approved by you.